Monday, June 11, 2012

Main Street Station, September 1959

There's the famous floral portrait of Mickey Mouse, in particularly fine form in this 1959 photo. The population on the sign is 15 million... so it took four years to reach that number. By 1967, and additional 45 million guests will have walked through the gates.

Here's a nice late-afternoon shot looking back toward Main Street Station, with the "Disneyland 1959" banner on display (as well as the lamp post signs and the masonite signs suspended overhead).

And lastly, my favorite of the three, in spite of the fact that 1/3 of the slide was damaged. I just love the relaxed, 1950's ambiance that is evident, and I always like some vintage people-watching. Notice the little Mickey Mouse flag to the left, and near that you can the caboose of the Disneyland Railroad.


Nanook said...

Could it be in Pic 3 a blind date about to consummate-? "Yes, you'll recognize me by my big white hat and totally inappropriate theme park wear: high heels". (Perhaps the young lady can teach her date a thing or two about tucking in his shirt).

Chiana_Chat said...

Think I'd have been a very excited park-goer in 1959 once the Monorail, Subs, Diorama and the Horn that Matters were open - just seeing the Matterhorn deco above Main St made me smile :D

Nanook may be right. And look at that dress on our left - effortlessly upstaging her husbands' tartan plaid shirt. It looks like a Fantasyland tablecloth converted into a dress. Right center it's... a young cowboy and younger cowgirl? Or they're from a ways out in Texas and that is their Sunday best.

Chiana_Chat said...

And is Mickey sticking out his tongue, or merely biting it?

Graffer said...

The current shape of the floral Mickey is hideous.
It doesn't even look like Mickey.
It would be more appropriate in Nara Disneyland.

Nancy said...

Disneyland '59...I think I need to watch that again soon. It seems like the first really great time to go to Disneyland after opening day (I wish to ride the phantom boats, please)

Never noticed that little Mickey flag in a picture before...I have to be more perceptive!!

You never know, those two may be married with grandchildren now! And if they let their shirt-tails hang out, they are right in style.

Major Pepperidge said...

Nanook, she is definitely making a beeline toward that guy, and she is very nicely dressed! "Meet me near the train station at 5 o'clock". He's early!

Chiana, I know. And did you see yesterday's post, in which people commented on the Matterhorn's smell? I used to joke about it's "new attraction" smell, and maybe it actually had one! Also, as you can see, picture #3 really IS a good one for people-watching… it's fun to look at the various hats and clothing and little groups. Don't you think the gardeners at Disneyland should put one marigold on Mickey's tongue so that it looks like he has a piercing?

Graffer, you are so right. He's turned from his cute 1930's self into an updated, much less appealing incarnation (frankly he looks poorly "drawn").

Nancy, that couple does look pretty spiffy! I love those old Disneyland TV shows, though they sometimes spend way too much time on parades or musical numbers, or they repeat footage that has been used (and reused) many times before.

K. Martinez said...

Major, I agree they had lots of parades, musical numbers and repeat footage in those old Disneyland shows, but at least it was pure footage you were seeing.

It seems nowadays they feel the need to superimpose talking imagineers, spokespeople and/or word bands explaining what or who you’re looking at right over the park footage. Whatever happened to voice over?

I know Tinkerbell was superimposed over the footage of those old shows, but she was cool and not overused.

Even at 2/3, that third image is awesome! I always thought Town Square was the best place to people watch.

Connie Moreno said...

I am so ready to jump into picture #3!

Anonymous said...

My first summer at the Flight Circle. Great days!