Sunday, June 10, 2012

More Matterhorn, August 1964

You can't escape the gravitational pull of the Mighty Matterhorn... it draws you closer, just like the Death Star's tractor beam. In this first photo, we are in a Skyway bucket (soon to be changed to the rectangular versions), and have just left the Tomorrowland station. Below, the Monorail and Sub queue areas.

Now we're aboard one of the Matterhorn's groovy little bobsleds. Remember when they were bright yellow? I don't either, but pictures don't lie. I can imagine the suspense as the riders wait to round the bend and enter the tunnel where the first big chain lift is!


K. Martinez said...

I remember these Skyway buckets. I sat on my mother's lap and my sister sat in the other seat. There were 3 of us in that round bucket. I remember my mother was nervous.

In the second image, I don’t think the riders are waiting to round the bend and enter the tunnel. It looks like the bobsled is approaching the end of its run towards the load/unload platform on the Fantasyland side. It looks like a monorail beam is casting its shadow where the monorail would cross over this section of track.

Anonymous said...

And a tip of the hat back to the happy dad in the brown Skyway bucket as he says "Cheese" to the photographer!

Bill in Denver

Alonzo P Hawk said...

I miss being able to ride through the Matterhorn.

Besides being 10ish degrees cooler (on a summer day)it had a unique feel and smells.

I remember a slight breeze and the the smell of an old musty steel and wood building covered in gunnite with a little hint of bobsledder adrenalin. Mmm. Good times indeed.

K. Martinez said...

Alonzo, I love that smell in the Matterhorn that you described. Definitely good times!

Hope I fit in the new bobsleds when I visit in 9 days. At 6'4 I'm not sure I'll fit.

Connie Moreno said...

Love these! That first one would make an awesome iPhone wallpaper!

Major Pepperidge said...

K. Martinez, the old round buckets are lovable in their vintage fashion, but I would rather ride in the later rectangular versions! And you are right... another person emailed me to say that the photo actually showed the end of the ride and not the beginning.

Bill, yes, dad has style!

Alonzo, I miss that too, it was always exciting to get that brief glimpse of the bobsleds and to hear the echoing screams of the riders.

K. Martinez, I don't remember a Matterhorn smell! I've always wondered if the "Pirates" smell is an accident, or if it occurs naturally.

Connie, I can resize it for your iPhone if you would like!

Chiana_Chat said...

Love these pics!

*nods to gentleman in bucket tipping hat

*sits in anticipation of getting out of the bobsled, so that I can ride again!