Tuesday, June 19, 2012

A Few From Freedomland

Here are a few odd photos from Freedomland, New York. Why were there only three images in the box? Anyway, this first picture shows what I believe is a bit of the "San Francisco" area... it's hard to say, but those white picket fences are a clue. I know you will correct me if I'm wrong! Hang around for a while and you might get to see Count Basie perform nearby.

For some reason, this "Hollywood Arena", home to various animal acts and big top stunts, was in the San Francisco area as well. Just like the real Hollywood! At this point in the show, the elephant is just about to shed his skin to reveal the beautiful butterfly inside.

According to Wikipedia, this arena also featured appearances by TV personalities such as ... Sonny Fox, Joe Bolton, Claude Kirchner, and Fred Scott.  Umm... I don't know who any of those people are!

I'll have more Freedomland for you one of these days!


Chiana_Chat said...


*puts on some Basie*

Melissa said...

I'd hate to perform with a giant "F" hanging over my head. I'd feel like I was being graded.

TokyoMagic! said...

It's nice that they gave the popcorn vendor a chair just in case he/she gets tired and wants to sit down!

Andy said...

Sonny Fox and Joe Bolton were heroes to kids in the NY area in the 60's. Fox hosted Wonderama, a 4 hour Sunday kids show, where he was way cool, and never talked down to kids. Joe Bolton was best known as Officer Joe, who hosted the 3 Stooges shorts for years. Claude Kirchner played a rinmaster on a local kids show-but noone cared about him. Fred Scott I don't recall offhand.

DonaldTDuck said...

All 4 were kid's show hosts in NY. Fred Scott was also on Captain Video, the first space opera. google is our friend.

Katella Gate said...

You almost could not have planned it better. I enjoyed putting yesterday's New Orleans Square photos next to Freedomland San Francisco: it ratifies Walt's faith that quality sells.