Monday, June 18, 2012

New Orleans Square, October 1967

I love this shot of the shiny New Orleans Square, open only about a year at this point. You get a good feel for the intimate charm of this amazing little "land". A few guests (including the little girl with the Peter Pan collar) pause to listen to the Royal Street Bachelors as they perform near the entrance to the Blue Bayou restaurant. 

Hey, it's the Royal Street Bachelors again! They need to meet nice girls and settle down. I wish I could hear a few numbers, and then wander into the "One of a Kind" shop to the right. Who knows what wonders it held?


Nancy said...

Who wants to share a Monte Cristo? I can never eat a whole sandwich by myself!

I like NOS because for me its a place of respite, with no ride queues and so not masses of people, I enjoy the slow pace and relaxation I feel there. :-)

Alonzo P Hawk said...

I'm a clam chowder in a bread bowl kinda guy myself.

My kids hate it because I love to sit and take my time eating and listen to the RSB play on the patio at the French Market when they want to get back to more rides.

NOS became my favorite area after they screwed up tomorrowland beyond repair. POTC and HM still the best ever. And NOS train station is second best to only Main Street.

BTW what's up with Col. Klink hitting on the lady in the blue shorts?

K. Martinez said...

Whatever I'm eating at Disneyland, I'll be there starting tomorrow. I can't wait!

Alonzo, I like taking my time at the French Market as well. It's my favorite restaurant for atmostphere and music at Disneyland. I like it even above Blue Bayou.

David said...

I love the New Orleans area, especially at Christmas. It's Disney best representation, I think, of a real place. And when I walk through it, I'm often reminded of the running joke in Arrested Development that their is a British section in Los Angeles (which is, of course, a section at Universal Studios).

In some ways, there is a New Orleans section in Los Angeles. It's located in Disneyland.

I'm odd, and attach odd pop culture stuff to places like this. It makes me laugh, even f people don't understand what I'm talking about.

Major Pepperidge said...

Nancy, I have never tried the Monte Cristo… I'm always afraid that all the fried junk is going to make me ill! They sound good though.

Alonzo, yes, the clam chowder in the bread bowl sounds more like my kind of meal. And Col. Klink is talking to Mrs. Col. Klink!

K. Matrinez, I hope the crowds are light. Will you be attempting to see the new stuff at DCA as well?

David, I've seen NOS in its Christmas iteration for the last few years, now I'm looking forward to seeing it when it is not Christmas!

K. Martinez said...

Yes I'll be attempting to see the new stuff in DCA as well as Disneyland. I'm really hoping the weekdays (Tue/Wed/Thu)make a difference in crowding being less intense.

The only thing I'm really concerned about is the New Matterhorn. I'm a big guy at 6'4 and I'm having my doubts about being able to fit into the new bobsleds.

SundayNight said...

Monte Cristo = yummy. Especially good if you have a river side table in the Blue Bayou as I once did. That’s not to knock the French Market at all. It’s really nice.
I’ve been thinking about this 1950s Tomorrowland idea. It could be really neat. I like it!

Chiana_Chat said...

Love the atmosphere in the first shot, it's classic. Second shot puts me in the mood for some jazz. Thanks for the NOS pics!