Sunday, June 17, 2012

2 From Frontierland, 1957

I knew I shouldn'ta drunk from that waterin' hole back yonder. Those little cacti look like people! If one of them starts to move or talk then I'll know for sure that I've gone plum loco.

Across the muddy river you can see Fort Wilderness. What a sight for sore eyes, out here in the middle of nowhere! You can see some of the lookouts up on the battlements, as well as one down by the water. Don't shoot, partner!


K. Martinez said...

Nice image of the seven dwarfs! Too bad they didn't incorporate the Living Desert into Big Thunder Mountain Railroad.

Anonymous said...

Taking that fort would be a piece of cake. They've got all the soldiers bunched up in one area, they seem to be unarmed, and the lookout, also unarmed, is way out in the open. Who mentioned cake?

Chiana_Chat said...

WAS just listenin to the Mississippi Suite and was noticing I kinda picture the scenes in it looking suspiciously like the ROA, TSI and NOS...

Alonzo P Hawk said...

Thanks for the pic of my favorite missing desert. I know thunder mtn is wildly popular but I still loved Nature's Wonderland!!!!

Cheesy and dated but so am I. Taking out this ride was the beginning of the long process of killing the "charm" of Disneyland which culminated with the death of Tomorrowland. In true glory in 67' and DOA by 98'.

SundayNight said...

That desert must have taken a lot of maintenance just to keep the weeds out.

Orange Co Native said...

Great pictures of Mine Train and the old fort. Back in the day.

I just came back from being at Disneyland for 3 days. Some of this might be new for some and others it may be old news, but I will relate it anyway. Things I noticed at Disneyland when I was there a few days ago.

Disneyland ~ June 13-15 2012.

1. Pirates of the Caribbean~ Pirate with the stack of hats on his head trying to get on the boat is gone. The boat is there, but the pirate with the hats is gone.

2. Friday opening of Cal Adventures. 8am. The line for people waiting to just to get into Cal Adventures stretched all the way back into Disney Downtown almost to the Disneyland Original hotels.

3. Matterhorn did not open on time. Tech difficulties. It was up and running about 12 noon. They had a ceremony. Not big. Swiss climbers and a 3 piece band of Swiss climbers playing about midway up the mountain. Playing German polkas. Some men in suits were there. Some kind of executives for Disneyland.

4. Line for Cars in Cal Adventures was 2-3 hours long all day.

5. Line for Star Tours was walk on or 5 minutes in the early morning. By the afternoon, 30 minutes to 1 hour. Definitely has died down since last summer.

6. Overheard a cast member talking to a guest in the Opera House discussing Tomorrowland. According to the cast member, Tomorrowland will be redone in the next few years. It will be done in 1950's style. Redoing the buildings to reflect 1950's styling of the early Disneyland Tomorrowland.

7. Improvement on Cal Adventures with 1920's Los Angeles theme, but more work needs to be done in my opinion if they want to bring people into that park. Too many areas where concrete sidewalk meets buildings and not enough trees. The potential is there, but they need some imaginative attractions.
Just my opinion.

That is all I have to report to all you Disneyland fans.

Nancy said...

Do tell, Orange County Native.....

Tomorrowland of the 50s?? That would be SOOO cool!! I sure hope they were saying the truth!!!

As for today's offerings, so cute those cactus are. It looks like a hot place, that desert. Wish I had seen them for myself.

Nancy said...

Sorry for misspelling your name, Orange Co Native! I was so excited about Tomorrowland that I forgot to pay attention!!

IKon Wolf said...

Hey, if they re-themed Tomorrowland it for the 1970s I'd be happy!

Ikon Wolf said...

As long as they brought back ATIS.

K. Martinez said...

Orange Co Native, I'm going Wednesday through Thursday this week. I hope it's a little less crazy than the weekend was.

I'm also hoping RSR draws away from some of my favorites at Disneyland Park. I haven't been in 6-7 years (I never missed a year until after 2005), so I have lots to catch up on.

Thanks for the update OCN!

Major Pepperidge said...

K. Martinez, I know… they certainly would have had room for that little tableau in Big Thunder.

Anon, the soldiers have all painted themselves to look like logs.

Chiana, I like the "Huck Finn" movement of the Mississippi Suite!

Alonzo, I am sure that the removal of Nature's Wonderland was not done lightly, but changing tastes from guests (more thrills!) probably made NW's removal necessary.

Sunday Night, I never thought of that!

OC Native, I can only assume that the "hat Pirate" is merely gone for maintenance… why would they remove him otherwise? I hope he comes back soon. I'm not surprised at the long lines, that is a time that I would want to stay far, far away from DCA. Maybe I'll check it out this Autumn. I wondered about the Matterhorn, since I hadn't heard anything, how did you like the new cars? Star Tours eats up people pretty fast, but it is amazing that the lines have already abated. Can the rumor of a 1950's Tomorrowland be true? Sounds very interesting!! And hopefully just because this phase of massive improvements at DCA is finished doesn't mean that they consider the park "done".

Nancy, I can't wait to hear an official announcement from Disney about Tomorrowland! But that would probably mean a long closure of the land as well.

Ikon Wolf, I am trying to imagine an updated ATIS with new cool effects and improved sets. It could be pretty amazing!

K Martinez again, have fun on your upcoming trip!