Friday, September 30, 2011

World's Fair at Night!

Today's photos give a tantalizing glimpse into what it might have been like to visit the 1964 World's Fair at night. Of course you don't get the sounds and the movement and the smells, but it must have been a beautiful sight.

The Eastman Kodak pavilion looms in the background, with the giant color photos glowing brightly. They look like backlit transparencies, but they were actually color prints (30 feet by 36 feet!). In the foreground, a souvenir stand sells hats, hats, and more hats. I've seen some of my Disneyland favorites - the kind with the brightly dyed ostrich plumes - at the fair. Balloons can be had nearby; something tells me that sales of hats and balloons were not as brisk at night.

The General Motors building was almost as impressive outside as it was inside. The big 110 foot tall, curved canopy was one of the icons of the Fair. What a sight it must have been with the red/pink lights! Speaking of lights, notice the wonderful street lights, called "luminaires". These were made in a variety of sizes, shapes and colors. Some of them were relatively small and simple, others were pretty massive. After the fair, these wound up all over the country, and on occasion they will be offered for sale. Me want.

Apparently, Coca-Cola was a popular soft drink back in 1964. I wonder what ever happened to it? I prefer Moxie, anyhow. You can sort of see the carillon (610 bells, folks!) inside the 120-foot spire. A description of one of the exhibits intrigues me: "During a 15 to 20 minute walk, fairgoers visit such faraway places as a bustling Hong Kong street, a serene Indian garden, a Bavarian ski lodge, a Cambodian forest, and the harbor of Rio de Janeiro ."


Nancy said...

one thing that I notice with the night images is stuff that I don't pay much attention to during the day shots b/c I am so busy looking at the "big" things. the Hats stand is so cool, bright and really comes alive at night. i love its "Winky's" roof! the Kodak pavilion is one of my favorites, day somehow better for me than at night for some reason.

that second picture is STUNNING! wow, that one really comes to life with those gorgeous lights on. i like the trees there too, tho without them would have been just as nice :-)

you know I have always lusted after those rainbow colorblock lights. maybe we can find one and do a time share on it!!

awesome set today, Major!

Chiana_Chat said...

^ What Nancy said!

Coke I think is still available everywhere but its native country, which is rewarded with an inferior imitation.

JG said...

No one drinks coke anymore, it's too popular.


PsySocDisney said...

woooah awesome :)

*starry eyed*

..Alright, back to the real world -___-

Major Pepperidge said...

Nancy, what the heck is a "Winky" roof???

Chiana, you need to buy Mexican Coke, with glass bottles and cane sugar!

JG, I know you are paraphrasing somebody's statement, but I don't know who, for sure. Yogi Berra?

Hannahx2, I know what you mean. Where's my time machine?

Anonymous said...

more worlds fair, please! Dennis, levittown ny

Nancy said...

Winky's Hamburgers was a fast food restaurant here in Western PA and surrounding areas in the 60s and 70s. good burgers just like a Big Mac, called a Big Wink. I dont know the complete history but i sure do miss them! the restaurants were yellow and orange, very cool. most of the buildings that i know of are gone now :-(