Sunday, September 11, 2011


Apologies in advance, homies!

When you see as many amateur photos as I do, you start to realize that truly amazing pictures are pretty rare. Merely "good" photos are more numerous; but the vast majority of photos fall into the "Meh!" category. Like today's examples.

Of all the views that might inspire one to lift the camera to one's eye and press the button, why did this photographer choose to capture this one? It's dominated by the flat, industrial roof above Fantasyland's dark rides, with a partial-but-no-very-good view of Sleeping Beauty Castle. Meh!

Other than the submarine vanishing beneath the waterfall in the distance, the photo is pretty "meh" too.

I guess our photographer gets points for attempting to capture Main Street at night. Looks like they may have used the top of a trash can to keep it in focus too. But I had to lighten the image up a LOT to even get it to this murky state. Meh!


Chiana_Chat said...

Yo bro. Yo. Yo hoodie. Yo Mamma. Yo plait.

It's a sunny day at Disneyland. Who cares if these shots ain't headin' to the Library of Congress.

It's... an unusual angle. Thank goodness, but if you've a time machine go tell Joe Fowler that roof work weren't none too good.

Bunting. Ah, 1959 - the Blond and her supervisors are enjoying that fresh sub smell. Like I got from Quiznos.

The subs look freshly washed.

Somebody laugh.

Yo Yo.

For the Night Lights shot, they did their best, you did your best, I just made out the signs "Jellies & Jams" and "Bake Shop" and I'm off to the kitchen.


Thufer said...

Roof Top; (freshly washed)Grays; Jellies and Jams. These are all things gone yet gently remain in their proper place along side Walt.

'Meh!' that must be Disney speech for really really awesome.

Connie Moreno said...

With all the hilarious comments you've come up with in the past, the only thing you can say today is MEH? LOL!

OK first photo: The guy was a roofer or HVAC installer. I for one like getting a never-before-seen look at the roof vents!

Photo two: Who isn't mesmerized by the sight of the sub disappearing into the water on their first visit to the subs?

And three....I can't think of anything to say except HOW COME DISNEYLAND DOESN'T SELL A POSTCARD OF MAIN STREET AT NIGHT?

OK, I'll stop shouting now...

Nancy said...
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Nancy said...

im enjoying fact, i have some of these pics in my collection, too :(

Chiana said it...a sunny day at Disneyland is the best kind

Katella Gate said...

Well, I think the roof shot is interesting, thank you very much!

Major Pepperidge said...

Chiana, "Yo plait", ha ha! Or should I say "wah wahhhhh" (sad trombone….)!!

Thufer, do you think they actually washed the roof?!? Now that's attention to detail!

Connie, listen to you. "HVAC installer"! I'd say "air conditioner guy", but that's because I'm not so smart. Disneyland used to have at least two postcards of Main Street at night, but whoever manufactures the cards today has a different idea of what's cool than I do!

Nancy, I don't take many photos because most of mine look like today's examples!

Katella, if you're happy, I'm happy!

TokyoMagic! said...

More "Meh!" photos, please!

Do we know who ran the Jellies and Jams shop? I wonder if they were they trying to pull business away from the Berry Farm in the next city over?

JG said...

I always loved the roof of the castle, seen only from the skyway, now hidden forever.

I saw a postcard recently on a blog, where the roof had been colored bright yellow. We discussed that as a change by the card vendor to make the image more colorful, since the real roof is clearly the standard gray-white membrane roof found on warehouses everywhere, with the same drains, static vents and exhaust fans, but it's what is underneath that counts.

I spent a few minutes admiring the roofs over Riverbell Terrace and the Adventureland Bazaar, which can be seen from the Treehouse. Far more complex, but much of it is just the same materials, with a lot of food service ventilators covering the restaurants.

Sorry to digress, but roofs are very important to me.

I also like the submarine a lot, and mildly disapprove of the Finding Nemo overlay. I found it annoyingly chirpy, but there was enough of the old subs to keep me happy, especially with a short wait.
The seagulls on the buoy were a hilarious addition. Good for a laugh.