Thursday, September 08, 2011

Frontierland, June 1960

Here's a mini-mix from Frontierland! Starting with this shot of the painted desert, including the saguaro desert in the background, and the Devil's Paint Pots, and some geysers. Notice the row of paint cans, as well as a bit of scaffolding... these slides are date-stamped "June 1960", but Nature's Wonderland opened on May 28, so it's possible that the updated Mine Train attraction had not yet opened. Could this view have been taken from the Disneyland RR? I kind of doubt it, but it seems strange that the Mine Train would be operating with so much conspicuous work being done.

Here are a few of the buildings from Rainbow Ridge, including the Marshal's Office and the smaller red structure that doubles as a billboard for the attraction. You can just see part of the marshal's name - "Willard P. Bounds" - Walt's wife Lillian grew up on an Indian reservation, and her father Willard was a blacksmith and federal marshal!

Here's a picture of the Indian Reservation where Lillian spent her youth.


PsySocDisney said...

Beautiful light on these photos. Makes me feel like the sun is just rising and everything is brighter. Also kind of like I'm the only one there...

I've been hand writing labels for 8 hours straight, 2 hour break, and then mounds of writing assignments for 5 hours straight. I checked this site to see if there were any easy-on-the-eyes images I could treat myself to before I finally pass out.

It's like you read my mind :)

Chiana_Chat said...

x2 for Hannah's comment! On the color. Hope things ease up on you Hannah...

Maj, I'm gonna go with saying that top was taken from the train during the rehab. I can see the paint cans - just call 'em "with the rarely seen Devil's Paint Cans" on the spiel hehe - but the scaffolding looks a bit risky.

Love the 'Ridge pic! I'd like that town. Er, if it were literally up-scaled lol. I see they even have a milkman.

If the pines were more mature and the focus wasn't dropping off halfway cross the water, the village pic would be "perfect." As it is, it has a very pleasing feel to it. :) ty!

Nancy said...

look how beautiful. i too am enjoying the warm glow of sunlight on these lovelies.

Rainbow Ridge, i really want to live there someday (i will name my next home such).

pine trees....priceless! :-)

TokyoMagic! said...

I'm going to agree with Chiana about the pic being taken from the did pass awfully close to the painted desert prior to the relocation of the tracks.

I see shiny boy in that last pic. I wonder if he and Lillian spent much time together as kids?

Chuck said...

I believe it was Lillian who suggested to Harrison Price that the Indian reservation of her childhood would be a suitable location for Disneyland.

Major Pepperidge said...

Hannahx2, I am trying to imagine what sort of project would need 8 hour's worth of hand-written labels! If this is a regular thing, it might be time to invest in one of those nice little label printers. Anyway, I'm glad that these photos provided some respite for your weary eyes.

Chiana, I should have thought of the "Devil's Paint Cans" line, and am openly weeping because of the missed opportunity. And yes, the focus tended to be a bit problematic with this photographer, but usually in a pleasing way!

Ha ha, Nancy, that pine tree wasn't in the original photo, I spent 3 solid days painting it in (using Photoshop), just for you!

TM!, thanks for confirming that the photo was taken from the DLRR... as for shiny boy, he wasn't there in the first few years of the park's existence, so I don't think he and Lillian were chums.

Chuck, when Lillian "suggested" something, it was usually with a loaded gun in her hand.

PsySocDisney said...

Thanks Chiana! It was just one of those days... I am in the process of mass distribution of conference registration brochures to professionals in my city. Hand writing the mailing labels is actually the quickest way to get it done, although it's tedious as hell :/ Not a regular thing, thank goodness!!
Anyway. enough about that.

Orange Co Native said...

I would say the picture was taken from the Disneyland RR. The blur in the picture, but also the train did go right past there before the realignment of the tracks due to the Small World construction.

The basins were painted multi-colors and they are not painted yet in the picture.

The date stamp on slides is when they were developed. The pictures could have been taken in March or April 1960 and the person didn't get around to having the film developed until June 1960.

The Disneyland RR also ran about 20 feet behind the Indian Village as well back in 1960.

Connie Moreno said...

*shaking my head*.... Major, you are so baaaaad!

Chiana_Chat said...

*gifts Major with box of tissues*