Thursday, September 22, 2011

Gals In Disneyland, August 1959

Let's spend some more time with 3 Neat Gals!

Here they are, a study in contrasts, hanging out at the entrance to Adventureland. Creepy Dude with a Keppy Kap (to the left) is observing the gals. (I'm starting to wonder if people think I look creepy when I wear my Keppy Kap to the grocery store). Mom looks smashing in her white dress with roses. She's admiring the carved African mask, imagining how it might look over her fireplace. Her pal in the blue dress tugs on the mask's plaited beard, still a bit discombobulated after her encounter with Minnie Mouse. Maybe the tall blonde is an Olympic swimmer, preparing for the 1960 Summer games in Rome! Ignore the cigarette.

Here they are again, this time on the bridge that leads to Frontierland (only a few steps from the Adventureland gate). The background is pretty, with the castle and the landscaping. The gal on the right is thinking, "Enough with the pictures! Let's ride some rides already!". She's cranky.


Chiana_Chat said...


That 2nd pic looks so idyllic a setting on an idyllic sunny day. Can I be there now? :)

Katella Gate said...

Charming Ladies, Charming Local. Ineresting to see how "unfinished" this section of Adventureland was.

PsySocDisney said...

aww their shoes match :)
This reminds me of high school band field trips to Disneyland where my girlfriends and I would stock up on matching Disney clothes in our town where they were cheaper and then wear them into the park haha... skip those overpriced souvenir shops!!

Orange Co Native said...


What is that building behind the women in the first picture ? Does it still exist because I do not recognize it ? I am assuming it is the bathrooms right next to the Frontierland fort side entrance.

However, the metal roof seems to extend too far into Frontierland. I can not seem to get a fix on where that building would have been. Is it where the Tiki Room would eventually be?

Major Pepperidge said...

Chiana, all you have to do is click your heels together three times, buy a plane ticket, rent a car...! ;-)

Katella, I would expect to see more trees behind those ladies, at least. Seems kind of barren.

Hannahx2, those souvenir shops ARE freaking expensive. One cold November night, I decided to buy a sweatshirt to keep warm. The only one I remotely liked was $60!

OC Native, I don't really know the answers to your questions. My guess (and it's only a guess) is that those were the restrooms. And I would not be surprised if the structures are long gone. Hopefully somebody knowledgeable (TokyoMagic!, maybe) can chime in. Meanwhile, wouldn't the Tiki Room be on the left as you go across the Adventureland bridge, rather than on the right like those structures?

RemainSeatedPlease said...

OCN, I believe the 3 Neat Gals are at the northwestern end of the Adventureland entrance. That would put the future site of the Tiki Room at the photographer's back. Visible just above the building in the background are the tops of two masts (and flags/penants) of the Sailing Ship Columbia.

And Major, wasn't cigarette smoking part of the training for the 1960 Olympics? Something to do with getting the althetes ready for the air pollution in Rome.

Orange Co Native said...


I was thinking if the picture was looking out from Adventureland toward Main Street. Then it would on the right in this picture. I was thinking if those were the backs of the Main Street buildings.

Orange Co Native said...


I was thinking if the picture was looking out from Adventureland toward Main Street. Then it would on the right in this picture. I was thinking if those were the backs of the Main Street buildings.

Remain Seated Please. I think you might be right.

Paul M. Carhart said...

I believe Remained Seated Please is correct. That makes the buildings behind our ladies the existing bathrooms/shops that split between Frontierland and Adventureland. I don't think that structure has ever come down, although I'm sure it's had many facelifts over the ages.

TokyoMagic! said...

Major, I also believe RSP is correct. That's the Frontierland shop that has one of it's entrances right between Adventureland and Frontierland. I believe it is currently themed to Pocahontas, but it used to be called the Davy Crockett something or another. Just to the left and out of the frame of the shot would be the Adventureland bathrooms and that modern day telephone booth that we have seen in a few of your earlier posts.

Major Pepperidge said...

Alright, OC Native, the readers have stepped up and done my job for me! I love not having to work. Thanks to RemainSeatedPlease, Paul M. Carhart, and TokyoMagic!

Connie Moreno said...

All I want to know is HOW CAN I GET THAT WHITE DRESS?????

JG said...

That second view of the castle is one of my favorite viewpoints. It makes the castle look huge and far away, when it's about ten steps over to the lake.

The first thing that always hits me when entering the park for the first time after a long time away, is how SMALL the buildings really are. They don'tt look small in pictures, but real life is different.

Pretty ladies. Speaking of cigarettes. We had breakfast at Steakhouse 55 in the DL Hotel, it is decorated with huge photographs of Hollywood stars and personalities of the '40's and '50's, many in restaurants and bars.

The waitress pointed out several shots of people where the cigars and cigarettes were airbrushed out, their hand gestures remain, but no tobacco anymore in the perfect world of the past.


Nancy said...

i love ALL those outfits, i am so left over sometimes!

those masks are cool, have a picture of me with them too. :)

Major Pepperidge said...

JG, that's hilarious. They did that in a number of their classic cartoons as well. I don't like cigarettes, but airbrushing them out is just stupid!