Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Yet More Jungle Cruise, 1956

Photos of the Jungle Cruise tend to get repetitive in a hurry... as a rule everyone took their pictures from the same vantage points looking at the same stuff. Even so, I still get a kick from some, especially if they are extra vintage like these!

This looks like a postcard, with the boat heading into the mysterious jungle. It is considerably less lush in this 1956 image, compare it to later versions like this one, this one, and even this one!

Here's a rare photo of a hefalump in its natural environment.


Anonymous said...

Those people will be sorry they ever went into a jungle full of hefalumps, even a sparse one! Those people are all going to die, and, believe you me, death by hefalump is never, never, never pretty. Those people of the 1950s were too foolhardy and adventurous for their own good! What next? Long hair on men? Women wearing pants?

Connie Moreno said...

LOL, lol, lol! If you only knew the battles I had with my dad in the 60s because his little girl wanted to wear pants to the Park!

Thufer said...

@ Connie, what a wonderful memory.

I love the earlier pictures of the JC in particular. There is a realism that is brought by both the visual(of which the sparseness is appealing) and also the film processing which adds so much to the captures of this attraction (along with the Rivers of America)more than most others.

Anonymous said...

Well, hefalump is better than none.