Sunday, August 01, 2010

Jungle Cruise, January 1960

Here are two scenes from the old Jungle Cruise, both of which are long gone.

This pride of lions is enjoying some teriyaki-style zebra. It's delish! Everyone knows that it is the female lions who do all of the hunting; the male lion is hidden by some leaves (see him here)... if it was up to him, all they would eat would be pizza rolls and twinkies.

Hello, Mr. Gorilla. I think I've seen you in some low-budget movies, like "Captive Wild Woman" or "The Monster and the Girl", or even "Nabonga". You were awesome!

Rumor has it that the old Jungle Cruise gorillas received facelifts and were recast as the Abominable Snowmen inside the Matterhorn. Some say that is untrue, but I choose to believe it because it makes me happy.


TokyoMagic! said...

I wonder if those figures in the first pic are in the same location as they are today? Does anyone know if this area is the same spot that was eventually converted into the Aftrican Veldt scene?

Chuck said...

Happy people run the best blogs...

Anonymous said...

Actually, Zebra Teriyaki is quite good, the Gorilla Told Me So.

Almost everything that I believe, makes me happy, as long as they are things about Disneyland.

Thank you Major.