Saturday, August 28, 2010

Frontierland, 1958

Here's a neat photo of the Bertha Mae scooting across the Rivers of America, apparently heading towards the shore in front of the Plantation House. Did it load and unload there? There is a load area for the Tom Sawyer Island rafts to our left, but I'm not sure about the Keel Boats. I like all of the colorful umbrellas and paper lanterns in front of the Plantation House, this must have looked amazing at night.

Come to think of it, the Keel Boats may have loaded over near those red barrels to the left. Who knows! There's a spare raft resting in Fowler's Harbor, while another one crosses the river to our right.

And as long as we're looking at river-related stuff, here's a magnificent elk. He's standing near the little Indian Village (that had it's own small portage); I don't think that this Indian Village was there for too much longer, but don't really know for sure.


Chiana_Chat said...

What a sweet Plantation House pic. True it must have looked neat-o at night, but it's a nice sunny day here and compensates with inviting pleasantness. :)

Fowler's Harbor seems to have been cleaned up here. 'cept for them red barrels and general ramshackleness (is too a word... for me) you'd never know how seedy it can be in them parts.

Magnificent Elk, that's what we gotta call it. Shabby Elk is just too sad. Can't recognize that scene at all. Those are pretty impressive tee pees.

Anonymous said...

Great pictures Major. I seem to remember when I was kid in the mid 1960's (We lived 20 minutes from Disneyland) that the keelboats were loaded and unloaded with guests at the Tom Sawyer River raft docks. I think it was the same ticket for the rafts or the keelboats.

Looking at these pictures from the 1950's and from what I remember in the mid 60's, the river seemed like it was wider around the bend in front of New Orleans Square. I was at DL this last month. It seems it is much narrower now. What do you think?

Major Pepperidge said...

Chiana, I encourage everybody to make up their own words!

Anonymous, I think you are correct. The addition of the Fantasmic stage at that end of the island extended the island out quite a way.

Chiana_Chat said...

I encourage everybody to use them! hehe

Nancy said...

what pretty pictures...

the harbor looks nice here and the plantation house so festive. i always wanted to have some chicken there at one of those umbrella tables :(