Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Frontierland, January 1960

If you were lucky, you might see the Disneyland Band (feat. Vesey Walker and Snoop Dogg) performing in Frontierland. Here they are next to the Mark Twain load area. I'm guessing they will be boarding the Twain when it returns to the dock; they'll hog all the good front seats on the lower level. Vesey has just spotted a UFO.

That mountain lion could easily fly to our boat with his tiny vestigal wings, but luckily he has just eaten a Mousketeer and he won't have to feed for another six months. I did my research. Notice the spotlight, not very well-hidden in the tree to the left.

This sure doesn't look like the happiest place on earth to me. It's dark, it's gloomy, and I wouldn't be surprised if there were a few ghosts hiding in the shadows of the Chicken Plantation House. Don't worry, ghosts, there will be a house built just for you guys pretty soon!

Just thought I'd let my readers know that the Vintage Disneyland Goodies blog is back up and Jed is posting some neat stuff. Check it out!


Chiana_Chat said...

UFO! Ha. Hm, or he's watching reactions to see if anyone can tell Casey, the clown on the clarinet back there, is practicing Rhapsody In Blue.

Mm kay, Mr. Researcher, what's that thing on the ground to the left? A trampoline for Chipmunks?

So ah, maybe Walt or someone heard rumors the Cheekin Plantation was haunted and one overcast day on their way for a visit (and Swift Wings) the idea of a Haunted Mansion was born.

Anonymous said...

Great pics Major!

Does disneyland still have marching bands or dixieland jazz bands, to this day I can't hear dixieland without thinking DISNEY

TokyoMagic! said...

I was wondering about that dark area to the left too. Are those the DL train tracks? I'm assuming this mountain lion was located along the Rivers of America.

Connie Moreno said...

Major, thank you so much for alerting us to the feeding habits of the mountain lion. Now I can plan my trips accordingly.

Austin, yes, they still do have the marching band - once in a while - and as for the Dixieland music, I've only heard the pianist at Coke Corner playing it.

Major Pepperidge said...

Chiana, thanks for pointing out the clarinet clown, who I didn't even notice! Trampoline for chipmunks, I WISH!

Austin, as Connie said, there is certainly a Disneyland Band, and I think I've heard podcasts in which Dixieland was played, but maybe it's only on certain occasions.

Chris, I do believe that is the train tracks, and yes, the mountain lion was located right on the river.

Connie, it must make you feel safe. Unless you are a Mouseketeer!

JG said...

re Music: Yes Dixieland is still played in NOS, at least at my last visit in 2008. I agree, dixieland music always brings back dinner at the French Market under the parachute sails by the railroad. Loved that place. We always ate there on the family trips as a kid, except when we ate somewhere else, like the Plaza Pavilion. And there was always live music.

Major, that item in the tree IS NOT a lamp. That is a remote camera, used for researching the dining habits of the animatronic wildlife. Undoubtedly in a secret underground lab somewhere below the Matterhorn, Disney audioanimatronobiologists recorded the consumption of that mouseketeer.

Or, it's a light.