Sunday, January 31, 2010

Two Main Street View, April 1970

I can practically read your minds; "Hey, Major Pepperidge, what's with all the crappy photos lately?". Well, I have no excuses. Except that I am very very drunk. But fear not, for ye shall see some better stuff soon. Yea, verily!

Main Street, 1970. Grandma and grandpa are thinking that their home towns looked nowhere near as cute and quaint as this place. They did have a robotic Lincoln though, but that's another story (one I am not allowed to tell). Grandma holds her souvenir map (for her grandson Ned) and her INA complimentary guide (which will never get thrown away). The vehicles add a lot of life to Main Street; I've been told that Florida's version no longer has ANY vehicles. Criminal!

The Omnibus might be my favorite Main Street vehicle, but I would have to intimidate those kids into giving me their seats, because that's where I want to sit. I'm good at pushing 5 year-olds around. Hey look, there is a hole in the front of the Omnibus for a crank, did they actually require one to start up? Or was Bob Gurr just a stickler for details?


Chiana_Chat said...

Pretty sure it wouldn't need a crank to start - that would make a request for the worker to bring the crank and start it a crank call. If the crank still exists it's now an old crank. I'll stop before I really start cranking out the groaners.

Wow that was a big horse.

Connie Moreno said...

I have actually seen a castmember cranking that engin to get it started! And as recently as last year!

CoxPilot said...

The crank was in the tool box by the driver, and was a last resort if the battery died. All the motorized vehicles included the ability to be started with a crank. It also allowed maintenance to set the timing (which was set WAY back to get that put-put sound) by hand turning the engine to get points to line up.

Nancy said...

that is one pretty picture of the omnibus. i wanna sit there, too!

i had not heard that about WDW; i hope it is just a vicious rumor :(

the last time we were there there were horse-drawn vehicles, coz i always stop and see the horses in front of the train station when we get inside

SundayNight said...

Thanks for the pics Major and for the inside details CoxPilot. Now we know the crank works!

Major Pepperidge said...

CoxPilot, thanks for the insider info!

And Nancy, the person who told me about the vehicles might have meant that there were no more motorized vehicles. I found it hard to believe, but he's been there lots of times!