Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Antique Car Ride, Seattle World's Fair

It's day 3 of "A Day Without You-Know-What" (remember, I'm not even going to say the name). Are you experiencing nausea, double vision, the shakes? Welcome to my world!

This seemed like as good a time as any to return to the Seattle World's Fair. Over in the amusement zone, they had their own tiny antique car ride, apparently with no themeing at all. Just be happy the thing works, kids... the whole place was built by toothless "carnies". As you can see, the diminuative cars had a steering wheel in front and in the back, which you hardly find in cars these days. And it comes with a full-sized spare tire, which is pretty nice. Check out the kid in the front seat... judging by his body language, they just hit a hobo and his conscience is torturing him.*

I wonder if Arrow Development had anything to do with this ride? They certainly built their share of auto attractions. In the background, the colorful "wild mouse" roller coaster ads a festive touch. Meanwhile, mom loves being the ultimate backseat driver.

*No hobos were actually harmed in this creation of this blog post.


Vintage Disneyland Tickets said...

Cute little cars! I wonder what powers them? I don't see an electrical bus-bar, were these gas powered? Hey, I'll take that full size spare, my "donut" spare is a joke!

Your "A Day Without You-Know-What" isn't so bad, in fact, its a nice change-up... and the nausea, double vision and shakes aren't too bad...

Darrin.. said...

Man.. there was a ride like this at Adventureland in Iowa. You could really jar your parents teeth loose in the back seat as a kid on this ride!! Ahh memories!

Nancy said...

these are very cool. i would so want to ride on this...and on the wild mouse!

thanks, Major!
you are making our "vacation" quite painless ;)

Chiana_Chat said...

If'n that kid isn't sufferin' from hitting a hobo, he's either grieved his folks spent their vacation dough there instead of trip to you-know-where, or it's the corn dog. My money's on the corn dog.