Friday, January 29, 2010

Ghostly Horseshoe Revue, January 6 1957

Here are two early photos from the Golden Horseshoe Revue; the dark theater (and slow film speeds) required the use of a tripod and a long exposure, so the performers wound up looking like phantoms. Up front is Betty Taylor, and I assume that to the left (our left) is Wally Boag as Pecos Bill, and at the microphone, Donald Novis. Please correct me if I am mistaken.

In this second photo, I think that's Mr. Novis (who would be replaced by Fulton Burly in 1962) serenading a lovely hoop-skirted lass (not Betty Taylor?).

Or maybe, just maybe, these are REAL GHOSTS! (Cue crashing thunder and a minor chord on a pipe organ).

Sorry if I scared you!


TokyoMagic! said...

Is that Christmas garland we see hanging above the stage? Looks like there might also be some strings of beads draped along the lower level of the theater.

Matt said...

Ghostly vaudeville, the horror, the horror.

Vintage Disneyland Tickets said...

These really capture the mood, the lighting seems different now, it used to look more authentic with the floor lights. Great steamboat (the Mark Twain?) painting on the background. I've tried to take photos of the show, they come out so bad it's not even funny!

Katella Gate said...

I missed this show when I was a kid. The closest I ever came was watching Wally Boag host the Muppet Show in the 1980s -- he did all his old schtick. I do, however, enjoy the Billy Hill et al. show, and never miss it on my trips to the park.