Sunday, January 10, 2010

Scenes from Nature's Wonderland, September 1968

How many of you thought that "Nature's Wonderland" was a ride all about nudists? Raise your hands. Well, I did too, and at first I was disappointed... not a volleyball court to be seen. But eventually I appreciated the attraction for what it was. Let's take a look at two scenes, shall we?

Like this familiar vignette from along the shores of Bear Country. They're scratchin' their butts, they're filching honey from the hive, fishing for trout, and reciting Shakespeare. As I've probably mentioned before, this scene changed in subtle ways over the years, sometimes there were more bears, sometimes fewer, and sometimes they even changed color. I have a photo you'll see someday in which there is only a single bear. Stay tuned! Meanwhile, drink your Ovaltine.

Everyone points in wonder at the battling elk, but they aren't battling, they're STUCK. It's not funny! How are they going to explain this to the boys back at the office?


Chiana_Chat said...

*Hand raised* *notices no one else has hand raised* *lowers hand and smiles sheepishly*

Da little bear after da honey - cute. :)

Stuck! lol

Always enjoy NW pics :)

Nancy said...

cute little bear in the tree with the cute little smile....

i admit that i never thought Nature's Wonderland was about nudists, but now i will never "hear" that phrase the same way again...

TokyoMagic! said...

Hey, there's a rust colored bear hinding down in the bottom right corner of that first pic!

I still can't believe that all of this was just tossed aside like yesterday's absolute crime!