Sunday, August 30, 2009

Random Sunday!

Random sundays are like a box of chocolates - if you leave it in the sun it will melt. Just go with it, OK?

Here's a nice 1965 shot of the old Disneyland marquee that greeted guests for many years. And it was very handy, because what if you had no idea where you were? Kids may have spotted the Matterhorn from the freeway, but once you passed this sign, the excitement in the air was too much to bear. Notice the tiny airplane above the "n"!

From 1960, we have this photo of the audience inside the Golden Horseshoe theater. It's a packed house! I wish I had one of those paper Pepsi cups (assuming they were unique to Disneyland).

And finally, from 1958 comes this weirdly-colored slide; it was faded and red, but I liked the view with the kids on the Fire Truck, the Omnibus, and the lady with her shopping bag (I always want to know what's inside!).


Chiana_Chat said...

Gosh, how did they get that tiny airplane to stay up there?

(ok, lame one :p )

The Golden Horseshoe (love that name). The boy on the right is sure in the spirit, hat and all. Scout outfit? The blond lady looking back at us looks familiar somehow.

Busy moment on the ol' Main Street. :)

TokyoMagic! said...

Chiana beat me to an airplane comment. I was going to ask if riding the miniature airplane round and round above the DL sign took an "E" ticket. Yes, lame one too....or would that be "two."

The boy that is almost in the dead center of the Golden Horshoe photo looks like he is morphing into a vampire...or a zombie....or something!

Matterhorn1959 said...

Major- I believe the Pepsi cup was not specific to the Golden Horseshoe. I also like the box of candy on the table. The Emporium bag the lady is holding is rather big, so she must have purchased something rather large.

Katella Gate said...

First Picture:
Horrid Haiku for the Orientally Oriented:

Random Sunday Pics
Like Choc-o-lets in the sun
Precious and fleeting.

Second Picture: Usually you get very bland expressions on people's faces in these pictures. These folks have been waiting here a while for the show to start and their inner Ids are starting to come out:

Tough Kid on the left is lowering under his brows: "You lookin' at me?"

Quentin Quisp (lower right) is giving secret hand signals to his partner to make for the exit if the show gets too Bourgeois or common.

Young Lady Left with the red hair is practically assaulting us with her eyes, knowing she's a looker. Savor the moment Red. Women will never be permitted to dress like ladies for the for the rest of your lifetime.

Grandma, center, is also dressed nicely but obviously forgot her lowers.

50's boy in blue plaid and red zombie eyes is tormenting his sister out of boredom and cultural conventions. Since he's in a public place, he gambles that his sister will haughtily "ignore" him. She, however will get her revenge in the parking lot.

50's kid on the right: He doesn't have my face, but I've made that face many times. What it means I leave to the eye of the individual beholder.

Unknown said...

The Golden Horseshoe.. was this the place where the dancing girls were? I remember back in 1976 during a show, the music stopped and the room was dead quiet. A showgirl came up to me and asked how old I was. I said "6 and a half" She replied with.. "Why don't you give me a call when you're 16 and a half".

The whole room roared with laughter. I laughed too.. even though I didn't get the joke. LOL!!

BTW.. my old man must have several hundred slides from Disneyland in the early 70's.. and late 60's. I really need to get them and convert them before they degrade any more!

Anonymous said...

Were sandwiches served at the show in the late 60's - early 70's? I seem to remember always wanting my parents to buy lunch so we could eat and watch the show, but all we would ever get was an occasional soda. Of all the Super 8 film my father took, why didn't he ever film this show?!?!

Chiana_Chat said...

Katella, love that post!

Tokyo, your version was better ;)

mr wiggins said...

The awesome thing about the Golden Horseshoe shot is that there are people in it who were older than Walt! :D

Major Pepperidge said...

Wow, lots of creative comments today! Chiana_Chat (can I still just call you Chiana?) and Tokyomagic!, that comment about the airplane isn't lame! Matterhorn, do you have one of those candy boxes? KatellaGate, you've got some imagination! "Dad", you definitely have to get your slides scanned so that we all see them. And mr wiggins, I am often surprised at how many older folks you see in photos of Disneyland.

Nancy said...

i am addicted to signs and posters...a great shot and i also want to ride in the tiny plane :D

Dad, that is a great story and a fun memory to have now