Monday, August 03, 2009

A Pair From 1957

Here are a couple of nice images from 1957, starting with this "murky but nice" picture showing the bridge that used to cross over a waterway to the Swift Plantation House. Both the waterway and the Plantation House would go away when New Orleans Square was built. Notice the storage of an unused raft underneath the bridge; there is a sign that guests passed beneath touting the Keel Boats and the Canoes; and if you look to the right, you can see the gazebo peeking through the foliage. Oh yeah, and these were the days when there were bright red fire hydrants right out in the open!

This one is from the same lot, and I admit that it isn't the greatest photo in the world. The Casey Jr. tracks are beneath us, and you can see the graceful many-arched bridge that Casey passes over. Fantasyland Station is to the left, and in the distance, to the right is the pink arch of the Fantasyland Viewliner Station.


Chiana said...

I tell you folks, I'd like to go a-strolling over that there bridge and get me some Plantation House Chicken Dinner about now, yes indeed!

Taken from the 'Twain 'course, no Columbia yet. Never saw the sign for Plantation House 'till now. Barely here. Gold ball on the top or something else?

Sign reading on the banner I also see keel boats and canoes... I assume it read "Indian War Canoes"? Any signage fans know the rest?

The other pic is welcome too, it's a new perspective for me and I hadn't noticed that rock arch behind the Cheekin of the See before.

Anonymous said...

Apparently the Rivers of America waters connected with the Jungle Cruise waters until New Orleans Square was built. There has been a lot of plussing since that picture was taken!

Vintage Disneyland Tickets said...

Wow, great angle on that bridge shot! I'm liking that Fantasyland one too, The Viewliner and the Fantasyland train station in one pic, NICE!

Chris Merritt said...

Rare shot of that bridge!

Nancy said...

lovin both of these. ive never seen either of these views before, so a rare treat

any mention of the viewliner is good with me :D

Jason Schultz said...

China: The full text of the sign: