Saturday, September 08, 2007

A Streetcar Named Desire, 1950's

Sometimes it's hard not to invent a story when you see certain images, and this is one of those times! This cheerful woman with the yellow flower under her chin might have worked as a school nurse for many years, and her husband might have been a shoe salesman (retired). They saw all those TV shows about Disneyland, and had to see it for themselves...could it possibly be so wonderful?

Not a kid in sight! You can see the surrey in the background (do those horses look tiny or what), and notice the cast member's change machine, in case you needed to break a quarter.

In this second photo, we've jumped forward three years to 1958. It's a bright and sunny August day. One passenger is showing off by standing, like they sometimes do on San Francisco's cable cars (ANY dummy can ride it sitting down). The House of the Future gleams in the background, if you look closely you can see people inside.

Favorite detail....this neat sign with a cutout silhouette of a streetcar!

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pixiegirltink said...

I'm guessing that in the first picture the couple was visiting on a weekday, when all the kids were in school. Oh, how I miss those days! Do you think they had pancakes at Aunt Jemima's? Maybe they went back later for ribs at Don Defore's Silver Banjo BBQ...