Friday, September 07, 2007

Poultry of the Pond, August 1961

This slide had some pretty amazing, saturated color...somehow it got lost in the translation to a little jpeg! Too bad. The old Pirate Ship must have been one of the most-photographed icons in Disneyland...but that's OK, I still enjoy looking at it. Notice the sign advertising the "Pirate Trio".

In this second photo, we can see much of the beautiful detail that has been lavished on this ship. Including the wonderful mermaid figurehead! Since she was removed after Chicken of the Sea ended its sponsorship and long before the ship met the wrecking ball, did she survive in somebody's collection?


Anonymous said...

I always liked the way the early pirate ship had an artificial 'wake' of waves across the bow which made it look like the ship was actually in motion or at sea (see the second photo). Thanks for the memory!

OnTheLot said...

The infamous "Pirate Trio." According to a 1961 DL Press release, "PIRATE TRIO: A brand new feature this year for dancing and listening, this all girl trio, appearing in the new patio area at the Pirate Ship in Fantasyland."