Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Frontierland Viewmaster, 1956 (revisited)

As you can see from these vintage Viewmaster images, Frontierland used to feature a lot more guns than you might see today. Now that I think of it, I can't think of ANY guns in Frontierland. Can you?

If you hung around the front of the Golden Horseshoe for very long, you might be lucky enough to catch the sherrif (Sheriff Lucky?) blasting a bad guy full of lead. The low down, yellow bellied sidewinder deserved everything he got! Somebody better fetch the undertaker, 'cause that thievin' coyote is going to be in a narrow grave up on Boot Hill.

Hmm, where was the Sheriff's Office? Was this photo taken over at Rainbow Ridge? This desperado is sportin' a fancy rig, I reckon he was a gamblin' man. Or maybe he stole the payroll from the Stage Coach. Those kids are learnin' that crime don't pay!


Unknown said...

Major, I have some viewmaster slides that I'd like to transfer to digital, do you have any recommendations on how to do that? Also, could you post the other half of the viewmaster slides so that we can view them in 3d (at least by crossing our eyes!)

Unknown said...

Thanks for the post, Major.

My introduction to Walt Disney World was in the early 1970's through a view master slide that showed the Haunted Mansion. It took me almost 20 years to get there.

Major Pepperidge said...

Capanudles, I scan the Viewmaster images by placing the discs (face down) on my scanner and scanning them at 3000 dpi. Obviously you need the ability to scan transparencies. After scanning, I crop and adjust them in Photoshop (if you don't have Photoshop, you might want to purchase Photoshop Elements).

I agree that it would be fun to have the two views side by side for the "free-viewers" out there, but for now I barely have time to scan new stuff (new job!) as it is! But don't give up, I will try to do it someday.

Jim Moore said...

Isn't the guy with his arms Wally Boag? (albeit a very young Wally Boag) Sure looks like him.

Jim Moore said...

Man, I'm typing too fast these days. I meant to say "...the guy with his arms up". Anyway, I forgot to mention that Wally used to do a lot of extra work around the park in the early days -- stuff for special events, shows, employee functions, etc. I had these same Viewmaster reels when I was a kid and always thought this guy was Wally.

Kevin Kidney said...

Yep, that sure looks like Wally Boag to me, too!

These are fantastic scans!

Anonymous said...

That's my old boss, Wally. Accounts for the fancy duds... the vest & holster were probly his from the Horseshoe Revue!

Anonymous said...

AND I just realized that's Wally firing the guns in the other picture!