Thursday, September 13, 2007

Disneyland Trip, June 1956

It's always fun to find vintage family snapshots of Disneyland, especially these great black and white images. Even though I have no connection to this little girl and her mom, the photos resemble the zillions of pictures recording my own family's history. I can't help thinking of rainy days when I would dig through the boxes and see pictures from long ago, of people I didn't know. These are from 1956, when the park was less than a year old.

The princess is standing next to a classic Tomorrowland icon, the Clock of the World. We can't see what time it is from this angle, but judging from the shadows, it must be around high noon!

Of course a ride on a flying elephant is mandatory when you have a kid this age. The lines for this simple attraction can still be surprisingly long on a crowded might be a 50 year old ride, but to the kids it is brand new! Behind them, the recently-added Skyway can be seen. It doesn't look like the buckets have any people in them yet, maybe it hadn't opened yet.

And no visit (or collection of photos) would be complete without at least one picture of the castle.


Matterhorn1959 said...

She does look rather prim and proper doesn't she? I hope she had some fun.

Anonymous said...

You can tell what time it is by the "moon" on the top, which was just the opposite side of the date ball.