Thursday, December 28, 2006

White Cloud & Chief

Sorry about the very late post, folks! Things have been crazy. Today we'll visit the Dance Circle in the Indian Village. The first slide (1958) had a fairly detailed description written on's what it said:

"White Cloud, from Santa Clara pueblo near Espanola, New Mexico. Son of Chief Little Deer."

That's the kind of minutae that you don't find every day! I thought it was pretty cool to have that much information on a tiny slide.

The second photo is from 1960. Part of me wonders if this Chief is Little Deer any case, he's resplendent in his feathered war bonnet, and with microphone in hand, he is probably introducing one of the dances from various tribes. Entertainment combined with education - - people seemed to like that back in those days!


DisneyDutchman said...

WOW Major these are terrific pics!! I love all the info too. DD

Daveland said...

Great, clear photos; I love that you can also see Fort Wilderness in the background; that helps put in perspective where the Indian Village was located.