Monday, December 11, 2006

Tiki Room

Here's a nice look at the Tiki Room's exterior circa 1965 - - mostly the upper roof area, but there are still some good details to look at. Like the famous "Barker Bird"!

The Barker Bird supposedly caused a traffic jam in front of the Tiki Room, and so he was eventually removed. Wonder if they reused his mechanical corpse (perhaps in Pirates of the Caribbean?), or if he went into storage?

Next is another photo (from July 1963) showing the seldom noticed and long gone Uti, the goddess of fishing. If you don't mind weeping, you can read more about the demise of this wonderful detail at the Re-Imagineering Blog.


Matterhorn1959 said...

After reading the story, I wonder if the cast member felt any guilt over obtaining Uti? Great images by the way, they should get Tangaroa going!

Adam Hazlett said...

BEEEEAAAAUUUTIFUL SHOT OF THE BARKER BIRD! There seem to be very few pics of him. I can never get enough! Thanks