Monday, October 02, 2006

Monorail, December 1960

Here's a nice twilight photo of the old 3-car red Monorail passing over the Motor Boat Cruise load area. Things are looking pretty sleepy in this corner of Tomorrowland...there's some construction going on to the left...any idea what's happening, all of you experts out there? I know that the Monorail's beamway was extended around this time, but obviously that attraction is operating at the date this photo was taken. Could it be the Midget Autopia under construction (or destruction)?


William Kelley said...

Left of the construction wall is the Matterhorn - you can just make out part of the queue.

When the Matterhorn was first built, guests entered straight into the turnstiles. At some point, they extended the lines by adding more planted areas and wrought-iron so that the lines were forced to wrap around the Matterhorn itself.

Could this photo be of this reworking of the queue?

DisneyDutchman said...

That is the Midget Autopia to the left. It stayed open until 1966 when it was paved over to provide a walk way for Small World. DD

William Kelley said...

Good call dutchman, I agree with you now. I had thought that Monorail section was the part that went by the Fantasyland Autopia line, which would have been on the right side off the photo and the Matterhorn queue to the left.

But that Monorail section is the part that goes directly over the dock of the Motor Boats, parallel to the dock. So the building to the left is the queue for the Midget Autopia.

Very good.