Saturday, October 07, 2006

Autopia, August 1968

Wow, I just realized that I need to scan some stuff for this blog! Fortunately there are still plenty of images to share with you, the faithful reader (all five of you!!). This is a last-minute post, so please forgive my lack of preparation.

Here's a nice photo from the Autopia, from August 1968. The vehicle is fairly distinctive, with the "eyebrow" in front. Somebody out there is better informed than I am and can tell us what they are called. Mark VI?

The dreaded center-rail has been added by this time. Kids don't know the difference, but it must have been pretty exciting back in the old days when you really could crash into walls. Keep those children on their toes!

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Matterhorn1959 said...

According to The Nickel Tour the cars are Mark VI that were introduced in 1965. Supposedly the Mark VII cars were introduced in 1967, but they must not have had enough and the Mark VI cars were still running in 1968. This also may be the Fantasyland Autopia which had always been the lesser one in comparison to the Tomorrowland Autopia. Fantasyland Autopia was uusally not open unless on crowded days and now does not even exist.