Thursday, October 12, 2006

Jungle Cruise, September 1958

The good old Jungle Cruise...a beloved attraction if there ever was one. While I have refrained from posting photos of hippos, elephants and crocodiles (and believe me, there are a LOT of photos of them), I think that viewers of this blog will enjoy this beautiful image of river launches at the loading dock (circa 1958). I've said it before and I'll say it again (and again...), I miss the striped awnings on the boats. Silly I suppose, but there it is.

The view from the observation tower must have been nice...according to "Disneyland: The Nickel Tour", the tower was demolished in 1961 because the jungle foliage had become so lush that it was no longer useful (in 1994 a new tower was added).


Daveland said...

On my last trip to DL, the line for JC was long enough that it went upstairs and back down again; there were a few mechanical birds (not sure if they actually qualified for AAs) that made the wait a little more interesting.

Matterhorn1959 said...

I like the angle of this view. Really makes the boat standout. And I agree with you, I really miss the clean simple lines and striped awnings of the original boats.

Amazon Belle said...

Not only are the awnings missed, but so is that nice soft, supple seat cushion we used to sit down on!

This is an amazing photo. Like Matterhorn, it's the angle that really makes it (along with that amazing blue sky)! It looks as if the photographer lowered his camera out of the boat and took the shot, "blind" along the waterline.