Monday, October 16, 2006

Mill, Tom Sawyer's Island 1958

Here's a very nice photo of Harper's often it is seen from a distance. You can really appreciate the level of detail present even in this relatively simple set piece. The mill feels like it's been there for 100 years instead of just two or three by the time this photo was snapped. There's even some sacks of grain waiting to be milled...I like to think that it's corn, since Huck Finn often mentions the cornbread he and Jim eat with their catfish.

Lots of rumors are flying about how Tom Sawyer's Island is no longer relevant (who is Tom Sawyer?), and the "suits" want it to be transformed into a pirate-themed island. More Jack Sparrow, etc. I love "Pirates of the Caribbean", but enough already! Kids in 2006 enjoy exploring caves and climbing rocks just as much as they did in 1956, and changing the theme to a "treasure island" only serves to dilute the Frontierland experience and lose one more shred of Disneyland's history.


Daveland said...

Thanks for the beautiful shot; as for the non-relevance of Tom Sawyer: I went on the island last month, and had to fight off TONS of little varmints who were happily exploring the caves. POTC is a cool attraction, but enough already; I’m pretty sick of seeing it all over the park.

Chris Merritt said...

Yeah? Think you are sick of Pirates (the films) now - just wait until next May!

Matterhorn1959 said...

Hey Major- great image of one what was once one of the most scenic spots in Disneyland.