Tuesday, January 09, 2018

Entering the Park, July 1972

Here are three more scans from several large lots of slides, all from the same family. They liked to go to Disneyland! 

First off... you have to take a picture of the kids in front of Mickey! The two on the right are making an effort to be cute, but the others... not so much. You can almost hear the squirming. What do you think is in that large black case hanging from the boy's shoulder? Mom's purse? A tape recorder? The glowing thing from "Pulp Fiction"? He is also holding a flyer in his left hand, see another like it at this post.

Town Square, goooolllleeey! Those kite-eating trees are flourishing despite the lack of kites. Maybe they've learned to adapt to dropped popcorn? Being '72, I would hope to see one or two hippies in the crowd, but no such luck.

I find it so interesting that these photos feel so different from earlier examples. The Horse Drawn Streetcar is the same. Town Square hasn't changed. But the clothing is certainly different, the mature foliage changes things, and I think the quality of the film also affects things.

Hey, wait a minute. What was I saying earlier... something about hippies?



Nanook said...


I don't know what to make of that motley crew posing in front of Mickey, but love the stripy pants.

I'm fairly certain that black case is housing a Dick Tracy Photographic Detecto Kit - with Secret Formula "Q-11".

Hippies - be gone-!

Thanks, Major.

Melissa said...

All those arms hanging out of the train! Listen to the safety spiel, you dumb Seventies people!

I wonder if the man in striped pants in the second picture is the father of the kids in striped pants in the first picture.

It's true about things looking different - these shots somehow look more “real” to me because they're closer to my own lifetime.

(The kid second from left is clearly a wolf boy.)

Anonymous said...

"A day without hippies is like a day without..."

Good grief, Major. That last group was icky.


Nanook said...

I'm assuming the kid in the second image with his back to us, wearing the yellow tee shirt, along with his [wolf boy] buddy, are part of the group standing in front of Mickey.

Major Pepperidge said...

Nanook, yes, this was the golden era of striped pants. Truly, we shall not see its like again. I was hoping that black cased housed one of those cool 007 spy kits sold in the 60’s.

Melissa, every one of those arms were sheared off during the trip around Disneyland. But… they were warned! The man with the stripes in photo #2 is not the father of the kids in photo #1… we’ll see their dad in a few images coming up. Why do you think that kid is a wolf boy? I had to look to see if he was extra hairy or something.

JG, I don’t really have anything about hippies - most of them were peaceful, and were there for fun like anybody else. But for some reason I find it funny to be the “guy who hates hippies”! Perhaps I am crazy.

Nanook, that is indeed the same kid.

Melissa said...

No, Wolf Boy isn’t particularly hairy, but the camera has caught his face in an expression that looks particularly low-eyebrowed and snarly-teethed.

Dean Finder said...

Groovy, man.