Sunday, January 21, 2018

In Frontierland, August 1967

Today I have a few lame photos to share - not the worst things I've ever seen, but they rate about a .5 on the Richter Scale. 

So... yeah. There's the front of the Golden Horseshoe Revue, sponsored by delicious Pepsi Cola. There might be an audience full of happy guests as they watch the classic show with Wally Boag, Betty Taylor, and the rest of them. I am jealous. 

Being 1967, some very bright colors are starting to make their appearances on clothing. Miss Pink Pants has a stylish short hairdo, and I can't help noticing the woman in the bright green dress, even though she is half obscured.

The hand-hewn logs of Frontierland's stockade entrance are pretty impressive. What a beautiful August day! Blue skies, brilliant sunshine... a nice souvenir hat would be a good thing to have. Notice that we can see red and yellow Peoplemover vehicles across the Plaza.


Patrick Devlin said...

Nice time frame and good memories.
Were the posters (there are three of them) actually on the Horseshoe revue building of the same ilk as the generic attraction poster or were they special one-offs? I'd never noticed them before. Hmmm.

Nanook said...


I know what you mean about the woman in the bright green dress. (I think she's scanning the area for the Gonzalez Trio. She's a little too late, however). I do believe there may also be a green Peoplemover vehicle hiding up there, too.

Thanks, Major.

Gnometrek said...

Is the singular of nice gams, nice gam?

Chuck said...

Patrick, they were different posters.

Here's the original attraction poster used elsewhere in the Park.

The posters on the building looked like this.

And here's what's there currently.

For general reference, here's a site I found featuring various Golden Horseshoe collectibles.

Patrick Devlin said...

Thanks so much, Chuck,

That's the answer to the exact question I was asking.

Melissa said...

Lameness is in the eye of the beholder! Those bright blue skies are gorgeous, and all the people are so happy and colorful. Looks like almost everybody in the second picture got the memo about wearing blue and white to Disneyland that day. That one little boy in the red shirt is such a rebel,!

Major Pepperidge said...

Patrick Devlin, I can’t exactly answer your questions regarding the posters… I’ve always wondered if they were silk-screened like the attraction posters. I’ve never seen any of them come up for sale though, and I’ve been paying attention to that sort of thing for at least 20 years.

Nanook, she’s later than you think… she’s looking for the Nairobi Trio!

Gnometrek, in this case I think we can say “nice gam”!

Chuck, hoo boy, the new versions are just so “blah”. Not bad, just lacking in energy. How can a company built on drawing somehow be unable to find a good poster designer?

Patrick Devlin, you ask, Chuck delivers! I watch more TV.

Melissa, I also think that the girl and her grandma in the foreground are both wearing souvenir hats. The girl’s hat looks like a fledgling version of her grandmother’s!

JG said...

Major, these photos have the rare distinction of being at least as interesting for the people and clothing as for the Disney infrastructure backgrounds.