Sunday, January 14, 2018

Skyway Stuff, July 1966

Here are two snoriffic Skyway-related photos, circa 1966. Pretty boring, folks.

Looks like we are heading toward Fantasyland, while the red Skyway bucket is heading toward Tomorrowland. Now that I have changed my mind and want to return to Tomorrowland, I will leap out of my bucket and hang on to the red one. Think of the time I'll save!

I snapped this photo as I clung to that bucket, so I only had one hand free. Sorry about the bad framing! There's the new It's a Small World attraction, with its surprisingly gigantic plaza out front. They must have really expected a whole lotta people. To the left we can see all three Li'l Pigs, meeting and greeting like crazy.


Nanook said...


I like the first image, especially since we can spot José Feliciano leaning out from the red Skyway vehicle. And we also get to see a water feature in its full-force glory.

Thanks, Major.

TokyoMagic! said...

That first pic isn't so snoriffic. I think it's pretty nifty. And if we look closely inside the Skyway openings on the Matterhorn, we can see several sets of railings, including one set that is above and to the right of that navy blue gondola inside the grotto. (It can be seen better if the pic is lighten). The railing would eventually be removed and the opening sealed up in 1978.

And that ticket booth in front of and to the left of the It's A Small World facade is still more or less in that same spot today (they might have moved it a smidgen). During my last several visits to the park however, it was closed. After they eliminated the individual tickets for attractions, that ticket booth remained open and sold film. I'm not sure what it was selling once digital photography became widespread.

Anonymous said...

...and there are the famous trees Rollie Crump placed on top of the SW model at WED.

K. Martinez said...

So you risked your life to bring us these snoriffic images? Thanks, Major.

Melissa said...

You see, when a boy Skyway bucket and a girl Skyway bucket love each other very, very much…

From a distance, the all-white It's a Small World building kind of looks like a snowy mountain range.

Twinspotting powers, activate! It's hard to be sure at this distance, but that really looks like two girls in matching pink dresses just in front and to the right of the closest Pig.

The Disney Dudebro said...

Is it a good thing if these photos are making me excited for the new Disney Skyliner being built at Disney World? Because they are. Such magnificent views!

Major Pepperidge said...

Nanook, ha ha, “Jose Felciano”. I’m hearing the “Chico and the Man” theme in my head.

TokyoMagic!, whatever that booth is selling, I’m sure I don’t want it! Light-up mouse ears? Turkey legs?

Anon, yes, I always love seeing those trees in old images.

K. Martinez, every day I risk life and limb!

Melissa, wait, what happens with the boy Skyway bucket and the girl Skyway bucket? Meanwhile I see two pink dresses; let’s call it and make it official: TWINS!

The Disney Dudebro, the Skyliner is exciting… I have to idea where it is going to run, though. Time for Google.

MonkeyMensch said...

Thanks Major. I was momentarily confused about Skyway direction, but then I realized that viewed from either side of the Matterhorn the gondolas on the right hand side as you view are coming out, that is to say, towards you. Ahh, all's right with the world.

Nanook said...


As viewed from the Goodyear Blimp, the Skyway runs clockwise.

Anonymous said...

Major, these are not the least bit dull. I very much appreciate any view, much less a grand closeup like this one of the Mountain Nostrils (tm).

I'm thinking that the deeper "cracks" in the Matterhorn rocks are probably expansion joints in the concrete facing. Never occurred to me before now.

Thanks Anonymous 1 for mentioning the trees on (or in) IASW. It's a great detail and sorely missed.

That photo also has a rare view of the Motor Boat Cruise sign, which I don't ever recall seeing in a photo before.

Thanks everyone, this was fun.