Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Two From June, 1958

Today I have one nice photo and another that is sort of interesting if you are in a certain frame of mind.

I get a kick out of this view of the eastern edge of the hub, on a beautiful (but breezy) day. Since it's 1958, the American flag only has 48 stars. Folks are relaxing on those roomy benches, and I have to admit that it looks pretty inviting - sitting in the sunshine, watching the other guests stroll by, and just taking it all in. I assume that in '58 they did not pipe in "area music", though perhaps they did.

The lady in the blue dress is wearing some sort of odd hat - maybe the same as the girl slightly to the right. Notice the sign for the new Alice in Wonderland attraction, as well as the attraction posters (Columbia, Grand Canyon Diorama, Astro Jets, 20,000 Leagues, and Skyway). 

I kind of wonder why the photographer took this picture; maybe it was an "oops". Still, it's an odd, oblique view of the castle, with a bit of scrubby hillside that would soon become part of the footprint of the mighty Matterhorn.


Nanook said...


Gotta love those 1950's folks - and definitely the gal in the blue dress attempting to keep her hat from flying-away. And even though the picture of the SBC is kinda strange, at the same time it's wonderful as the flora sets-off the castle in a way we rarely see.

Thanks, Major.

Chuck said...

Those hats look like they might be the woven-straw "Huck Finn" hats that we occasionally see in other photos of the period. The woman in the blue dress almost looks like she's posing for the camera.

I am digging the guy with the red porkpie, orange clamdiggers, strpe white socks, and black-and-white dress shoes. He looks happy, with a big grin on his face as he is looking (along with his closest bench-mates) at something or someone to our right. Note the Moonliner in the distance.

That last photo kinda evokes the approach to Neuschwanstein castle. You hike in from the parking lot over a forested hillside, and then suddenly the castle is right there through the trees. The forced perspective on the tallest tower is less effective from this angle, but it's still a nice shot that can't be replicated today.

Nice set, Major!

K. Martinez said...

The last pic is great. The castle in a forest view looks more natural and real than the view from the Plaza. I like it. Thanks, Major.

Alonzo P Hawk said...


I think your hat guess is much more realistic (and sane) than mine. I was gonna say maybe she's Scottish and she trying to balance a Haggis on her head. You know the price of Disney food and frugality of the Scottish. It would fall under the "Plausable Impossible" if it were actually a wee sheeps stomach hat.

Clam digger dude is rocking a style 50 years ahead of his time. Now you see folks all the time and have to ask yourself. "Are those long shorts or short longs".

Patrick Devlin said...

I'm guessing that's the Alice in Wonderland sign somehow strapped to the light post? I'm not sure what they looked like. Nice investigative everyone on the rest of our crowd of guests.

Major Pepperidge said...

Nanook, perhaps if her hat flew away, it would take her wig with it. It happened to me…

Chuck, I dunno, those hats don’t look very “Huck Finn” to me. Kind of too squashed, with no wide brim. They almost look like overturned baskets. Or they are full of ice to help reduce a bad headache. And I noticed the guy on the bench too. I covet his hat, which was probably purchased in the park (I’ve seen similar blue examples on people in other photos). I’ve been to Neuschwanstein… there was lots of scaffolding up, and the dulcet tones of jackhammers, which was a bummer. Plus some lady threw up in a small room right near us - hard to forget that.

K. Martinez, with those scrubby weeds and shrubs, it somehow looks even more like a Bavarian castle plopped down in Southern California!

Alonzo, all of the best foods are prepared in a sheep’s stomach. I’m surprised that shopping malls haven’t caught on yet, offering tiny samples on a toothpick to passers-by. “Hey mom, I think I got a piece of lung!”. Yum.

Patrick Devlin, yep, I mentioned the Alice sign in my text!

Melissa said...

I love the composition of the last picture, with the turret on the left and the tree on the right balancing each other out.

Mr. Red Hat’s ensemble Is what Ed Norton from The Honeymooners would wear to Disneyland.

Patrick Devlin said...

I caught your reference, Major, I just couldn't find it visually. Maybe I go take that eye exam today. I'm still looking for that RocketJets poster. Sheesh, I'm going blind or sumpin' here.

Chuck said...

Major, that is a bummer. Timing is everything. I managed to take my wife to the Palace of Versailles the day it was closed. Same thing happened on a family vacation to Wallyworld in '83.

Anonymous said...

Fun pictures today Major.

I think the last pic of SBC is taken from across the concourse called "Matterhorn Way" or "Parade Route" sort of in front of the House of the Future, and the bushes in the foreground are the ones screening Snow White's Grotto. The path to the Wishing Well would be just to the left out of the picture, between the tree and the brown bush. The tall pines to the right are directly behind Snow White.

The Grotto may or may not be constructed yet, I'm not sure when it was added, or what was there in it's place, I'm assuming it was just heavy landscaping similar to the Frontierland side. Anyway, my two cents.

I do prefer this side of the Castle, the forced perspective features look more real on this side. Might be because the water keeps you away from the walls until you enter the tunnel. On the west side, the path lets you come up almost behind one of the turrets and you can get a view of the "back side of the castle" if you stretch.

I love the people relaxing on the benches. Today they will be cheek-to-jowl and people waiting to pounce when someone gets up.

Thank you.


K. Martinez said...

Major, Yeah, kind of like the palm trees next to the famous Swiss peak. Only at Disneyland!