Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Jungle Cruise, 1959

It's time to look at a few classic scenes from the good old Jungle Cruise!

I like this unusual view, possibly taken from the back of the boat, and looking behind rather than forward. See the ripples of the boat to the right? A snaky snake looms overhead (snakily), while crocodiles guard some temple ruins.

Man, I used to think that the hippos were SO realistic. And you know what? They still look pretty good. The wiggling ears is a nice touch.

Now I realize that my fishing boat looks drab and boring because it doesn't have a pyramid of skulls. Notice how they gleam in the tropical sun! Time for a trip to "Just Skulls", a store at my local mall.


K. Martinez said...

I love the abundant Papyrus plants on the banks of the hippo pool.

One of the things I like about old Jungle Cruise photos is seeing how the vegetation seems to flow over the riverbanks, as to where nowadays the waterways seem so neatly trimmed with the rockwork lining the banks there today.

Does anyone know if that rock with holes in the hippo pool scene contain signal beams for activating the hippos or spotlights for evening cruises? Or is it just a rock with holes?

stu29573 said...

You know, if DL ever really wanted to plus the JC, they could take a page out of the original 6 Flags Riverboat Ride play book. On that ride, the boat came to a waterfall directly in the way. As the skipper starter talking about how hard it was going to be to turn around, etc, the rocks behind the falls started groaning and shifting and then opened to expose a secret cave! The boat then continued on its way into the lost treasure cave. Really cool stuff that Disney could use (especially since the 6 Flags river is long gone, along with every other original idea thy ever had) Just a thought!

Melissa said...

Just Skulls is OK, but I prefer the selection at Sculls, Skulls, and Beyond.

Nancy said...

Very pretty pictures today, i love how bright they are and reflecting the blue sky off the water.

Major Pepperidge said...

K. Martinez, good eye! Now that you point them out, I see that there are papyrus reeds, looking mighty fluffy. And your question about the rocks with holes is a good one… I've noticed similar holes in vintage Jungle Cruise postcards, and I've always wondered what they were. Speakers, maybe?

stu29573, that is kind of a cool idea, though maybe a bit too "fairy tale" for what they want to do with the Jungle Cruise. Who knows! I love the concept of heading through a waterfall to a secret cave.

Melissa, I just don't understand wanting a scull and not a skull!

Nancy, I wish the sky wasn't blasted-out white in these photos, but otherwise they do look pretty good!

Katella Gate said...

Nope. I prefer Skulls all the way. Sculls are too "oaring".

Snow White Archive said...

Hey I get all my cranium supplies at "Just Skulls". You always get the best bare bones deal in town.

Anonymous said...

I think the holes in the rocks might be multiple purposes.

Lighting, speakers, and maybe traffic control/switching.

The Blog "jungle is 101" has some info on the backstage controls, which were pretty primitive in the beginning, he mentions that some of the animatronic effects such as the squirting elephant were triggered by the boat position, but did not describe the mechanism used.

It could have been a mechanical trigger under the water, an electric eye seems like it would be subject to falling leaves, real animals, etc.

Just guesses.

There are still some "traffic lights" used, visible right at the end of the ride, on the left, in the figure of Trader Sam, red for stop, green for go.

Cool pics. I'm heading off to "Just Skulls".