Monday, January 14, 2013

Nature's Wonderland, August 1960

One lot of slides from 1960 had quite a few photos from the then-brand-new Nature's Wonderland attraction. Maybe the photographer rode it twice, because there were near-duplicates of most of the views... you'll see those in a separate post.

As the little Mine Train crossed a trestle bridge, guests could look down into Bear Country and observe the antics of a few animatronic critters. It seems as if there are fewer bears (I only see two) than we might get to see in later photos.

Our train has been in the desert for all of 20 seconds, so it is a real relief to see that oasis. All that salty popcorn made me thirsty, just like the pioneers! The placid spring is surrounded by crunchy, delicious prong-horned antelope - they go great with rattlesnake and wild boar.

Right near the bears in the first picture, you would see two large elk, antlers locked in combat over some females. I love the dated non-PC humor of the original spiel: "Now there's a real struggle for survival; two stags are battling for them cow elk. Maybe you folks can tell me, though - does gettin' two women-folk mean your the winner, or the loser? Never could figure that one out." I guess they already used a mother in-law joke on the Jungle Cruise.


Alonzo P Hawk said...

When I was a kid I always wanted to buy one of those Mickey Mouse back scratchers at the gift shop and give it to the poor bear against the tree.

Mom always said he had it covered and looked pretty content.

Great pics as always, Thanks for a good start to the week.

K. Martinez said...

Nice backdrop of trees on the horizon in the Living Desert scene. I also like the geyser framed by the "natural" arch. I never tire of seeing Nature's Wonderland.

Anonymous said...

Good ones today, Major.

Many of the spiels have that tone. I remember my Dad laughing at the Mine Train.

The one for the Carousel of Progress is agonizing and hilarious by turns. I do enjoy that Mom gets her turn in the last act. I hadn't picked up on the humor of that as a kid.


Orange Co Native said...

I remember riding the Mine Train thru the desert in July back in the 1960's and I always remember that it seemed hotter there than in the rest of Disneyland. Perhaps visuals can have an effect upon one's senses.

Nanook said...

Have to agree with K. Martinez - one can never have enough of Nature's Wonderland.

Thanks, Major.