Monday, September 03, 2007

Tomorrowland in Black & White

Do not adjust your displays! Here are two wonderful polaroid photos of Tomorrowland in glorious black and white. They were likely taken in 1959, based in part by the banners visible in the second photo. As much as I love Kodachrome images, b&w is beautiful in its own way, all light and dark values with no distracting hues.

Feast your eyes on this vintage view of the 3-car Monorail. A couple of guys are wearing fedoras as they stroll beneath the Skyway. Let's face it, fedoras are pretty cool! If I wore one, I could pretend I was a Private Eye and get mixed up with some crazy dame. But I digress (love to digress)! The Submarine Voyage (sponsored by General Dynamics) is open for business for those interested in a trip through "liquid space".

The Matterhorn looks like it might not be operating today, or else somebody shut off the waterfalls. It almost looks unclothed! You don't have to use too much imagination to see the link between the old "scenic railways" of Coney Island and Venice Beach to this Disney mountain.


Merlinsguy said...

Beauteous shots.

Unknown said...

Love the Polaroid. I also would like to see the Fedora make a comeback. Aside from ties, men don't get enough chance to accessorize!