Monday, April 02, 2007

Scary Pirate, circa 1958

Today I am posting one of my favorite Disneyland slides! In spite of the fact that it had turned magenta, I love the image. A mother and child (the same ones from my very first post on Gorillas Don't Blog) are on board the Chicken of the Sea pirate ship, back in the days when you could see a genuine pirate with a genuine wooden leg. The boy looks a little scared, clinging to his mom. She is trying to gently convince him that it will be alright.

I've seen a few photos of this pirate before, so he must have been a familiar face to Disneyland visitors in the 50's. Some fun details: The machine that dispenses "Pirates Grog", including Coke AND Pepsi, Root Beer, and Orange drink. Also the mom is holding a great vintage popcorn box, as well as one of the old, large-sized ticket books.


Daveland said...

What an awesome photo—I’m diggin' the trashcan!

Matterhorn1959 said...

An early version of Disneyland's compliance with the American's with Disability Act. Great image. I wonder how the pirate lost his leg. I also wonder if the want ad specifically asked for a person with a wooden leg?

Unknown said...

I want some grog!