Friday, April 06, 2007

Disneyland, November 20 1964

I have a small number of stereo slides from Disneyland, and thought I'd scan some of them for today. Unfortunately you can't see these in 3-D, but they're nice anyway. All three of these are from 1964.

First up is a view of Tomorrowland. Where is everyone? Guess it's morning, judging by the long shadows. I can almost imagine being one of the first people to walk into that land, before the crowds and lines. What should I ride first?

Next we are in one of the Submarines. I seem to remember that the turtle sort of bobbed up and down...who knows! Matterhorn1959 recently had some photos of the Submarine Voyage that weren't blue like this. Maybe it was due to a different kind of film.

And lastly, here we are looking at Tom Sawyer Island. From the top of a Keel Boat? There in front of us is the old Pirate's Den, which is probably staying a Pirate's Den in the re-vamped island. My guess is you'll see a few more Jolly Rogers and guns around here soon. Merry-Go-Round rock is on top of the caves, removed in the name of safety. There is nothing more dangerous than a merry-go-round! Above that, a glimpse of Cascade Peak.


Jason Schultz said...

In case you were wondering where all the people are, there were only 3,557 total Guests on this day. Here are the hourly in-Park totals:

10 a.m.: 233
11 a.m.: 1,092
Noon: 1,950
1 p.m.: 2,493
2 p.m.: 2,697
3 p.m.: 2,633
4 p.m.: 2,065
5 p.m.: 592

It was the 314th least-attended day of Walt's lifetime (3,586 operational days).

Major Pepperidge said...

Thanks Jason!