Thursday, May 16, 2024

Two More Randos

Yesterday's Randos were so popular that the world demanded more. I received millions of letters, and even a few telegrams. And one Candygram. 

We'll start with this colorful view of Fantasyland, from a glass-mounted slide. I guesstimate this as being from around 1960, based on some of the other slides that were part of the lot. There's a whole lotta stuff here, from the pastel-hued teacups to the swirly turntable underneath, to the Skyway tickets, and of course the Possum of the Sea Pirate Ship. And that palm tree! 

Next, another undated (1960s) scan; this time we're looking at Adventureland - the entry arch would be just behind us, and the Enchanted Tiki Room is to our left. The Barker Bird is in his blue and yellow plumage overhead, and had Uti for company. 

FYI, I will be out of town for a few days. There will be new posts for you every day, of course, but I might not be able to respond to comments during those days. I'll talk to you soon!


Nanook said...

" the Skyway tickets".

Yes, I hear tell 'one man's tickets are another man's buckets'.

Thanks, Major.

JB said...

"I received millions of letters, and even a few telegrams. And one Candygram." Ah, but did you get my strip of ticker tape? I wasn't sure if you had a ticker tape machine so I also sent my message by Morse code. Everybody has a Morse code telegraph key!

In the thumbnail, I thought there were 4 gondolas gondoling. But after seeing the full-size image, I see that two of the gondolas are Possum of the Sea crow's nests.
Red Shirt Kid riding in the teacup with Uncle Walt, is tossing his animal crackers overboard. Actually, it looks like he's chewing on the rim of the teacup(!) By the time the ride is over, the teacup will be gone and the two will be sitting on the saucer!

In the second pic, isn't that the Adventureland entry arch ahead of us? Are there two of them?? Now I'm confused. The couple closest to us look like they've been in the Park for many hours, and they don't have much 'happy' left in them any more. Is that Jeff Goldblum on the left?

Nanook, I almost made a "tickets/buckets" joke as well, but you know, the Major is getting old and forgetful so we can expect these sorts of slips now and then. :-D

Thanks for more Randos, Major. Enjoy your trip.

TokyoMagic! said...

Yeah, that little kid in the tea cup is going to fall down and go boom. Or like the commercial jingle for "Sit 'n' Spin" used to claim, "Some kids go....WOOOOOOOOOO...when you sit and spin!"

Melissa said...

I didn't know if you'd get my radiogram, or if my carrier pigeon would get through (he's got a bit of a drinking problem and there are a lot of bars on his route) so I thought I might as well just comment. That first picture is just wow! I didn't even know this angle existed! I'm surprised more pictures weren't taken from here, because the teacups with the pirate ship as a backdrop is so cool! With the angle of the ship making it look like it's pitching in the waves, and the Skyway buckets swaying in the breeze, you don't even need to see the teacups spinning to make it look like an action shot. Love the little boy trying to climb out of his enclosure, and the little girl with the swinging ponytail. Does her sister have a secret, or is she just going to hurl?

JG said...

Any Pirate Ship pic is a winner for me.

I’m not sure which teacup has the funniest passengers; the girl heading for Chateau Chunder, the two blokes in brown suits (one with fedora), or the kid making a break for freedom. I’ll settle for the boy in the green cup, who might have been me.

For years I had a memory of the Barker Bird that I thought might have not been real, then after seeing pics of him on GDB, I know now those old memories were real.

Have a good trip, Major, and thank you for the pics today.


Chuck said...

The first photo was taken before mid-1960, when Skull Rock construction began and they moved the starboard door of the pirate ship. That kid in the teacup is just doing an imitation of the Mad Hatter. favorite United Airlines logo...right where it belongs, on the Tiki Room sign.

JB, the Major misspoke. There is just the one arch. Unless you are talking about St. Louis.

Have a nice trip, Major! See you next fall!

Steve DeGaetano said...

Sorry to hear about the Barker Bird's UTI. Maybe he should be drinking more water and unsweetened cranberry juice?

Melissa said...

I have such fond memories of the Barker Bird at WDW, and lingering with my sister in the plaza to make sure we'd heard his whole spiel.

"Lou and Sue" said...

The first shot is a good one. There's even a castle squeezed in there, too.

Thanks, Major. And thank you for setting up the posts for us, while you're away. We'll hold down the fort. At least we'll try to.

Dean Finder said...

Looking at that kid hanging over the edge of the teacup leads me t wonder - how did they deal with the kids who threw up on that ride? It seems like a horrible mess to deal with a mop and bucket.