Monday, May 27, 2024

Main Street and Plaza

Here are three photos from the Dream Team (Irene, Bruce, and James)! The supply is getting low, so I am being parsimonious with them (I admit). But it's nice to remember our friend Irene. 

First up, a view looking up Main Street, probably from the mid-90s (as all of these are). "Chester Drawers: Togs for Toddlers" is to our right. Chester Drawers - that's one of those punny names that makes me cringe, but as the Mandalorians say, "This is the way". I can't quite make out that sign beyond... "Castle" is all I can read. "Castle Curios"? They really missed a trick by not spelling it with a "K" ("Kastle Kurios"), but not everyone can be a genius like me. 

Next is a pretty view from inside the boundaries of the Carnation Plaza Gardens, with a part of the moat flowing toward the Plaza (which is looking busy). A freeloading duck preens on a rock. Duck that has been fed nothing but popcorn and churros is delicious, by the way! 

And lastly, here's a nice photo of the Disneyland Band as it marched past the entrances to Frontierland and Adventureland. The drummer is looking right at us, he noticed me, he noticed me! All of the trees make Disneyland look very green and inviting.

My friend Mr. X sent me some additional info: That is Art Dragon leading the Disneyland Band.  He began working at Disneyland in 1972 as a trombonist in the Pearly Band.

MANY THANKS to the Dream Team!


Nanook said...

"I can't quite make out that sign beyond... "Castle" is all I can read. "Castle Curios"?"

It's actually a boring Castle Bros.. Yawn.

Thanks to the Dream Team.

walterworld said...

Death to all 'punsters' on the Disney team in the late 90's and beyond. DCA was their brainchild.

Thanks to the Dream Team, and you too Major!

JB said...

Major, at least the name of the shop isn't "Check Yer Drawers". That would be even more cringe-worthy. And I can't begin to make out what else is on the "Castle" sign. I was gonna say that we should be able to see the SB Castle in the background... but we can! It's on the left edge of the photo hiding in the trees.

That's a nice, peaceful pic with the moat and the duck. The horse-drawn streetcar in the background only has half of a horse... or maybe it's a Guernsey cow; hard to tell from this distance. Somebody poke it and see if it whinnies or moos.

Looks like not very many people are acknowledging the presence of the Disneyland Band; some, but not many. What is that box-thing, painted go-away-green, hanging to the left of the Frontierland entrance? Pretty sure we've seen it before, and was told what it is. But I can't recall now... a speaker enclosure?

Thank you, Irene, and the rest of the Dream Team. And thanks, Major for stretching the posting of the photos out over time.

TokyoMagic! said...

Wow! I have to say that I don't remember seeing that "Chester Drawers" sign. And it looks like it's still there, today! As Nanook mentioned, the Castle sign reads, "Castle Bros." The window below it reads, "Castle Bros. Collegiate Fashions." Double yawn!

"Lou and Sue" said...

Major, at least the name of the shop isn't "Check Yer Drawers".
JB, how about "Phillip Drawers"?

Second photo: Where's Waldo?

Major, thank you for sharing more of the Dream Team photos.

Chuck said...

The Plaza Gardens sign is backwards. Maintenance and show was so sloppy during the Pressler era.

Note the band leader tipping his hat to a passing ant. Now that’s class!

Sue, I found him.

JB, that’s a speaker drone that follows the Disneyland Band around when they are performing. None of the members actually know how to play an instrument. Real musicians are expensive.

As many of us enjoy days off and backyard barbecues, please take a moment to reflect on why today is a holiday.

Many thanks to the Dream Team!

Bu said...

There's a lot of fashions going on on Main Street...Not sure why we need so many articles of clothing, however, I suppose among other things they are light to carry. It seems that 1000 years ago when I worked there there was not that much emphasis on such items and diversity in product line was more important. "Disney Clothiers" opened where Hallmark was, and we all kind of liked it, and the products were kind of cool...they had a baby line, and something for everyone. Before that: it was Mickey T's and Sweatshirts and that was about it. Of course way back when there were swimming suits and undergarments...I can see how that all worked out for them... at one point, and I don't know what shop it was in they sold Mickey polos 'ala alligator shirts: but instead of an alligator it had a very subtle Mickey. The execs wore these shirts...and me. A polo shirt was OK to wear as office personnel, but you had to wear a jacket over it at ALL times: inside and outside. Such casualness was frowned upon: whether or not it was legal or not. If you actually wanted to purchase more clothes, you would go to the Disneyland Hotel...where there was plenty. In any case, on Main Street we shouldn't reference that there is a castle...we know there is a castle, but there shouldn't be reference to be "authentic"...Chester Drawers...I'll allow the corniness. Chester's Drawers...even though drawers were underpants. The rope is up for the parade. As an employee this was kind of an annoyance when we just wanted to get from A to B. I get it though. I don't get sitting on curbs however...but that's me. Parades are the time to go on "E" ticket rides. It's nice to see duck-land and Plaza Gardens. Not sure why this all had to change: it was just fine the way it was, and isn't much different. The speakers are a little less obtrusive that what goes on today: it's nice that they made them a lovely oval shape. Looks like there is a square speaker above the looks like it's floating there: a tribute to "go away green". There are some very nice trees in these photos: especially in the Plaza: at one point covered with hundreds of little twinkle bulbs. Thanks Irene and the Dream Team and Major. Happy first unofficial day of Summer.

K. Martinez said...

Thanks, and remembrance today to all the men and woman who served and sacrificed for our country. I am forever grateful.

Thanks to Irene wherever she is and the Dream Team for today's pics. And thank you too, Major.

JG said...

Grateful to the Dream Team for these pictures, taken before the Park became a caricature of itself.

Remember our honored dead today.

Thank you, Major.


zach said...

Today I remember my HS buddy AX3 Armando Chapa Jr, MIA in the Sea of Thailand with the rest of the crew. RIP, and thank you. Going out to put up the flag.

Thinking about Irene and the rest of the Dream Team, as well.


Major Pepperidge said...

Nanook, “Castle Bros.”?? I like Kastle Kurios better!

walterworld, amen! “Award Weiners” is one of those DCA puns that comes to mind.

JB, For some reason the first photo comes up small, at least on my computer. I don’t know if I screwed up or if it’s one of those fun Blogger glitches. Yes, the castle is definitely there! I like the pretty view of the moat and duck, he might be just a regular old duck too. And yes, not many people are paying attention to the Disneyland Band, I guess at Disneyland you get used to such things. And the box thing is speakers, as you suspected.

TokyoMagic!, yeah, that dumb store is still there! I don’t even get the “Castle Bros.” name, is that meant to refer to Walt and Roy?

Lou and Sue, “Phillip Drawers”, I mean, at this point, why not?? “Where’s Waldo”, ha ha!

Chuck, the sign was backwards on purpose so that Australians can read it. Maybe the bandleader knows that ant and his family? I need one of those speaker drones so that babes will believe that I can shred on an electric guitar. They won’t be able to resist me. Sorry I did not mention Memorial Day, I composed this post at least three months ago and was not thinking of significant days.

Bu, those 90s fashions will never go out of style! I don’t mind the name “Disney Clothiers”, at least it isn’t a dumb pun. Not sure when they decided that stores should have “funny” names, but yikes. You’d think that the Emporium might have sold those Mickey “fake Izod” shirts? I’ve personally never been crazy about Polo shirts. They’re OK, I just don’t care for them much for some reason. Maybe I was frightened by one as a child? You might be OK with “Chester Drawers”, but to me it is an affront to humanity! Interesting that the rope is up for a parade, but there is nobody waiting. Maybe this was the ill-received “eat your vegetables” parade? The “Fantasy Faire” area seems to kind of disappear, I barely notice when I pass it. It’s as if it was camouflaged. I miss the cheerful red and white stripes of the Plaza Gardens tent. Seeing those speakers makes me think of the early days when they presumably had no “area music”, it would seem weird to us to walk through Main Street with no old-timey tunes playing!

K. Martinez, yes, thanks to all the men and women who have served!

JG, It’s going to be a sad day for me when I use the last of Irene’s gifted photos - there aren’t many left.

zach, thanks to your friend Armando!

Melissa said...

These are all lovely pictures, full of color and You Are There, but then again I don't remember ever seeing a bad 'un from our friends on the Dream Team, may their memory be a blessing.

There was a recurring character named Chester Drawers on the local kids' morning TV show when I was growing up. You know the sort of thing, local weatherman dressed as a steamboat pilot on a set that makes Captain Kangaroo look like the Universal backlot.

I thought Figment was the only Art Dragon at Disney!