Sunday, May 05, 2024


I hope you didn't get too dressed up, because it's Snoozle Sunday. If you must know, I am wearing sweatpants and a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles t-shirt. As usual. Let's take a look at our first Snoozle, from September, 1959. I'm guessing our photographer was aboard the Mark Twain and not the Columbia, just look at how the river is all churned up. Tom Sawyer Island is very wild and forested, the sight of Fort Wilderness is a welcome one. On the far shore, the Indian Village appears to be busy. The tip of the big tent in Holidayland can also just be seen, if you look carefully.

Here's one of those cursed slides from April, 1974. The curse made all photos turn out too dark! You know, that old story. We can't blame the curse for the boring nature of this photo, however. Yes, I like the facade of "It's a Small World", but you have to admit that we have seen many better pictures of it. Is that the Motor Boat Cruise dock in the lower right? I will allow half a point for that, but otherwise, this one is a bust.


Nanook said...

Who knew that Rural Electrification came so early to Fort Wilderness. Judging from the size of their electrical towers, they must've had quite the layout for Tesla Recharging Stations-!

"Is that the Motor Boat Cruise dock in the lower right?" Check.

Thanks, Major.

JB said...

It's a nice view of Frontierland, with its calming greens and blues. Not much to focus one's eye on though; I guess that's why this photo ended up in the Snoozle bin. Yes, the water could be churned up by the Mark Twain's paddle, but I bet the churning was caused by an AED that exploded moments earlier. They sometimes do that, for no reason, just explode. No one knows why. They are just ducks after all; and animatronic ducks at that. Trying to figure out what goes on in their little mechanical clockwork brains would be a fool's errand.

Another calming photo with a lot of blue and green. At least this one has a focal point. Was this taken from a Skyway gondola? I didn't think they came this close to IASW. PeopleMover train maybe?

Thanks for another not-quite-a-Snoozle Sunday, Major.

Chuck said...

JB, based on the location of the Monorail beamway, I think the second one was taken from a Skyway gondola moments before entering the Matterhorn, although I won’t rule out the Swiss Family Treehouse..

JG said...

Major, I always wear my formal suit, with my bench-made shoes when reading GDB. This is why I am sometimes late to comment, as I struggle to tie the black tie. If a thing is worth doing, it’s worth dressing up to do.

If our River craft were heading toward the fort, it would be a sign of hope, but since we are heading away into the wilderness with rocky shoals, rapids, wild beasts, and hostile Indians, I think our photographer is concerned for the future, will he ever see civilization again? Saloons, dancing girls, gambling, games of skill, whiskey, animatronic antelope etc…

The last few posts have had bits of the power lines visible. Who would think we could be nostalgic for something so ugly and prosaic? But I feel the same way or more so about the power plant stacks in Morro Bay.

Major, I don’t think the second photo is too bad. We have the Tower of Pisa, St. Basil’s Cathedral, the Great Kyoto Pagoda, and the Eiffel Tower (not to be confused with the Schnee Eifel), all in one view. Think of the saving of money and all that spent time waiting in customs queues… Disneyland is a tremendous bargain.

Thanks for the snoozles today.


zach said...

I would like to give the second photo another half point for the warm, fuzzy memories of sparse crowds. If I remember my 2nd grade math that's now one whole point! If it's OK with you, that is.

Happy belated congrats on the 6500th post, BTW. Did I hear you won't quit until you get that promotion to General?

For now, then, it's thanks, Major.


Major Pepperidge said...

Nanook, President Grant had electrical towers built all across the West!

JB, I always forget about the AEDs, which will probably be the death of me. I’ll be walking down the street, thinking about my wonderful Tesla Cybertruck, and BLAMMO! An AED will get me. You aren’t wrong about those photos having a lot of greens. But they are still boring. Yes, the second one was taken from a Skyway gondola.

Chuck, I agree, the Matterhorn must have been just out of frame to our left.

JG, bench-made shoes, I’m not sure I’ve heard that term before (I watch too many cartoons), but I can’t help thinking of a little old man in a cluttered workshop, whittling away at leather soles. It’s true that leaving the fort would be sad, because you can’t get Bubble Yum in the wilderness. Hard facts! I agree with you about the stacks in Morro Bay, many people are happy they will be gone, but I will miss them. When I visit my sister, I can walk to the end of her street and see the stacks from way across the bay. If you like “It’s a Small World”, wait until you see Epcot’s World Showcase! No need to ever leave the country again.

zach, I will accept the extra half point and will notify the relevant authorites. Thanks for the congrats! I’ll never make it to General because I’m not a nepo-baby.

Melissa said...

From above, it's a small world kind of looks like one of those castles you make out of sugar cubes when you're a kid.

"Lou and Sue" said...

I like seeing the 'layers' of mountains behind IASW's (iasw's?) 'layers' of buildings.

Speaking of ducks, I've had three that have been hanging around my house, for the last several weeks. They sit in my backyard and watch me. Am serious. So if I stop commenting on GDB, you'll know what happened to me.

Thanks, Major, for more fun Snoozles.