Sunday, December 03, 2023


It's Snoozle time! Always use protective eyewear. These slides are from the seemingly-endless lot from April, 1974; and like so many from that batch, these are pretty dark. But they are not a total loss!

First up is this unusual view taken from aboard a Horse Drawn Streetcar, our photographer had a front row seat as the conveyance made its way up Main Street toward the Plaza. Don't run over that sweeper! It's a bit blurry, but a lady in green is taking our photo. If you're like me, you always stick your tongue out when you know your picture is being taken. 

Meanwhile, over on the Rivers of the World, a crocodile suns himself in the green waters. He's not dangerous at the moment, as you can see, he has recently swallowed a guest whole. That thing will keep him going for a few weeks!


JB said...

Well... the horse's rear end is in perfect focus. So at least there's that. And a mighty fine rear end it is, too! You can never have too many shots of horses' rear ends, I always say. Rear end, rear end, rear end. (I just turned 8 today.)

I think the croc swallowed Screaming Kidney Stone Kid. It was a blessing in disguise. Plus, the croc is now fat and happy; a win/win!

Snoozles day always sneaks up on me; it comes around quicker than I expect. I'm sure it's because the universe is shrinking, which of course means that time is getting faster. Yes. I'm sure that's it.

As Snoozles go, we've seen worse. And the price is right. So I can't complain. Thanks, Major.

TokyoMagic! said...

Look how beautiful those olive trees are in the Plaza. Before they mercilessly ripped them all out. Just like Snow White's......oh, never mind!

"I feel like I’m missing out on a reference when you mention Dopey ripping off Snow White’s arm. And I need to know!"

Major, in regards to your comment from yesterday.....the Seven Dwarfs coaster ride at WDW (which went into the space formerly occupied by the 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea attraction) includes a cottage scene at the very end. You can look into the cottage, and see Snow White dancing with Dopey. Recently, the Dopey animatronic ripped out Snow White's arm, but was still dancing around wildly while holding onto the arm.

Chuck said...

Blurry or not, I’d happily visit this Park.

Here’s a link to the video TM! References above (with commentary from WDW News Today): CLICK HERE.

Bu said...

Wasn't it just Snoozle(tm) time?! The horsie photo is I am THERE! With two other BTM's in sight: Sweeper 1 and Sweeper 2. With proper boys haircuts! Lovely olive trees there in the shady hub: they would spray those so they wouldn't produce fruit. "It blocks the castle!" ...shut yer mouth:" trees have no scale!" "Walt Disney". Pic two is "Smiley". I'm not sure if they even refer to him as "Smiley" can see him smiling, and he just stayed there staring and smiling without moving a antler...or whatever they call those bumps. That's all I got for this fine Sunday: went down the rabbit hole of Snow Whites arm...and it was hard to get back....Thanks Tokyo and Major!

JG said...

A happy, well-adjusted horse rear end.

I wonder if the green-clad lady’s photo ever appeared in a different GDB post?

I can tell that is an alligator because we will see him later.

If he were a crocodile, we would only see him in a while.

Thanks Major. I really want to go to our classic Disneyland.


Dean Finder said...

I thought that croc was called Ginger, because Ginger snaps.

LTL said...

Major, nice Snoozles. If you look through the armpit of the driver, you can see a blue umbrella of the Plaza Pavilion.

(ps... armpit, armpit, armpit, yay regressing!!)

Major Pepperidge said...

JB, the thing about horses rear ends is that they can surprise you. Stuff happens. Enough said. Kidney Stone Kid was too young to die, his stone was going to pass any second. I know what you mean, it does seem like Sunday comes along about every four days now. Einstein something something.

TokyoMagic!, those are the rare olive trees that have pimiento in them, too. Practically extinct now. I definitely did not hear about Dopey’s violent rampage. For one thing, it amazes me that Dopey and Snow White were actually connected. You’d think that they would be a few inches apart. Or I would. Now Dopey will have to change his name to “Psycho”.

Chuck, thank you for the link! Snow White would still be safe if they’d left the 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea attraction there.

Bu, yes, it was just Snoozle™ time, and I’ve written several Snoozle posts since then, they are always an odd thing. Bad slides, who wants to see those? Well, I’m going to share them! Luckily, you can just skip Sundays if you want. Imagine those olive trees dropping hundreds of dark purple olives all over everything. What a mess. I am always a bit amused when the trees on Main Street (or the Plaza) get so big that they block everything else. Not the worst problem in the world, I like trees, but I’m sure the folks in charge want guests to see the Castle and other stuff. Yes, that croc is Smiley, I don’t think he is mentioned by name anymore.

JG, my brother is one of those annoying people who can actually discern an alligator from a crocodile, and not just because they will see us later, or in a while! Come on down to SoCal in January, JG!! Bring Deb of course!

Dean Finder, ha ha, is that an actual Jungle Cruise joke? If not it should be.

Nanook said...

@ Bu-
"With proper boys haircuts!"

Every time I hear about a 'proper haircut' of some sort, I am reminded of the sign inside the barbershop I went to as a lad, which listed the 'types' of haircuts:
Crew Cut
Flat Top
Regular Boys Haircut

I don't suppose the politically-correct police would consider acceptable calling it Regular Boys these times (unless it was referring to laxatives...), but needless to say, the "regular" haircut was cheaper than the other two styles.

Thanks, Major.

Anonymous said...

"Yes, that croc is Smiley, I don’t think he is mentioned by name anymore."

My first thought..."It's 'Old Smiley'...careful folks...he's always looking for a handout."

A mighty fine rear end on that first shot indeed. Looks to have a full tail too. Happily, I have migrated from the rear to the front of the horse these days. And even more importantly, what can come from those rear hooves. Remember...pull a horse's tail at your own risk. Now, imagine riding one. There's a lot of moving parts. KS

LTL said...

ps, all... I don't know horses too well. is the "driver" of the Horse Drawn Streetcar called the tender? conductor? engineer? horsemaster?

(big responsibility with this job)

Anonymous said...

LTL... You are never too old to learn. Trust me! And I have the big ones.

Generally it would be a driver in this situation. If it were more than one, then a "teamster" would be appropriate. And thus the Teamster's Union logo. KS

LTL said...

KS, thanks for the terminology update.

It all kinda makes sense... like all those Teamsters Walt hired to run the covered wagons(!)


I don’t believe TEAMSTERS were terms for operators of any public transportation systems . New York City once had 65 different horse drawn street railway companies and in the late 19th Century established their own union (s) there was a famous street car strike in the early 1900’s that brought New York City to its knees. By the time the unions were formed , Horsecars were on their way way out and replace with motorized trolleys … then the “gripmen” names “motormen” names replaced conductor. If the streetcar line had larger cars you might have a conductor and a faremsn .

JB said...

Tokyo! and Chuck, thanks for mentioning the Snow White/Dopey incident and supplying the link.
Wow, I don't know whether it's cringeworthy and ghastly, or laugh-out-loud hilarious; both, I guess. Should I avert my eyes or point and guffaw? It's like that great moment with Mr. Lincoln where we see him slowly collapse at the waist due to a broken spine.



Major Pepperidge said...

Nanook, what about corn rows? I always had corn rows as a kid. I got admiring looks! At least I assume they were admiring.

KS, horses are beautiful animals, but I think I’ve always been a bit intimidated by them. They’re big and strong! I remember riding trail horses up in the Sierras, and my horse decided it wanted to go its own way. Some fun!

LTL, GOOD QUESTION! I would just resort to “Hey, you”.

KS, yeah, somehow “driver” just has a friendlier connotation. I think of a “teamster” as a tough guy from Brooklyn!

LTL, I’ve heard that Walt had some trouble with the Teamsters during the 1964 World’s Fair, but I’ve also heard that he talked to the bosses and charmed them all. Who knows what’s true?

JB, I guess the Dopey thing is a bit ghastly, but more in an amusing way. No princesses were harmed! I still remember seeing the Lincoln thing on “America’s Funniest Home Videos” (which I rarely watched, but somehow caught that one), and thought it was truly hilarious.

Mike Cozart, Check, check, check!