Monday, December 11, 2023

Christmas Parade, 1963 - PART 2

It's time for more vintage pix from the 1963 "Christmas in Many Lands" parade! If you missed part one, Mr. T will have something to say to you.

Here's an impressively huge band. "HB", presumably Huntington Beach? Or maybe Hermosa Beach? Huntington Beach is not that far from the park; I used to live there, and as I've mentioned before, we used to be able to see Disneyland fireworks (though they were very far away) from the bleachers of Edison High School.

It's all male, and all nude! Well, that guy to the left isn't wearing a shirt, at any rate. I'm not sure if this represented all Arab people, or if it was supposed to be more specific than that. The gold lame kaffiyehs are quite a thing. Meanwhile, I probably should have pointed it out before, but we can see that the Opera House was the headquarters for the Mickey Mouse Club at this time.

Hmmm, I was originally going to guess that this small group represented a country in Northern Europe, but now I'm thinking it might be Italy. What do you think?

Once again I risk displaying my ignorance; I think this group represents Japan. with the young geishas, and what looks like a samurai doll. Is that a baseball trophy at the front of the float? The lilac-colored haori (kimono jackets) are a nice touch.

WELL. Another Arabic group, my apologies for not knowing. I need flags, darn it! Give a guy a break. I wonder how many Disneyland guests had never seen a real camel before? To the left there are critters that look like small llamas to me. But they can't be llamas. 

And finally (for today) I believe that these folks might represent Mexico. That flowered float reminds me of the colorful boats that are seen at the floating gardens of Xochimilco (near Mexico City). But I'm always happy to be corrected!

 There are two more installments from this parade, so stay tuned.


Nanook said...

As the colors for Huntington Beach High School are orange & black AND the bass drum states "Huntington..." rest assured that marching band is from Huntington Beach HS.

Does Disney still allow Christmas from 'many lands' anymore-? (It may fail to pass the PC police...)

I think the mystery country in the 3rd image is Franistan.

The "lead" float in the final image seems to be a rolling cart containing a reel-to-reel tape machine, an amplifier, some sort of power supply, and a pair of of trumpet projector loudspeakers, adorned with flowers. That would be my guess, too, that float is representing a boat from the floating gardens of Xochimilco. And I've visited it.

Thanks, Major.

JB said...

Wow, yer not kiddin' about this being a huge marching band! I bet they actually do have 76 trombones! The "HB" stands for "House Broken". After all, we don't want them leaving little fifes and piccolos all over the place, do we.

I'm trying mightily to get the Christmas connection with the Arab drummers. The Three Wise Men? Little Drummer Boy? Somewhere in the vicinity of Jerusalem/Bethlehem perhaps? They do add some variety to the parade.

In the third pic, the kids are all scrambling to get the candy that's being tossed out to the crowd. Not sure what the country could be, Major. Lower Slobbovia? Upper Bananastan? (Nanook says Franistan... is that an ILL reference?)

Both, Japan and baseball trophy are good guesses, Major. I know that baseball is very big in Japan.

I suppose the "small llamas" might be just that; young llamas. But they might also be alpacas. Either way, I'm not sure why South American animals are being led around by Middle Eastern folk.

The last one is definitely Mexico.... or Knott's Berry Farm. They had similar floating boats which, I think, were stationary.

Nice colorful photos, Major. Still waiting to see what comes out of those Mystery Boxes off to the side. Probably passenger pigeons, or maybe a flock of dodo birds.

TokyoMagic! said...

I think the mystery country in the 3rd image is Franistan.

I think Nanook is right. The boy with the red sash around his waist and one hand in the air is obviously exclaiming, "Hail Tiger!"

I see a woman in the crowd who is wearing mouse ears, and a sweater with a name across her chest. I'm going to assume that she has something to do with the Mickey Mouse Headquarters in the Opera House? Could she be Ginny Tyler? She is standing in front of the large green package, with the red ribbon. She's also standing next to one of the two Tour Guides. She's visible in every shot, but perhaps the best view of her is in that third one.

Still waiting to see what comes out of those Mystery Boxes off to the side....maybe a flock of dodo birds.

JB, maybe it's a flock of seagulls and when they emerge, they will be singing, "Iran"?

I wonder if Shirtless Guy was cold?

Bu said...

I'm wondering if the Mickey Mouse Club ladies were part of Guest Relations (?) As her two buddies are there next to her...Something to dig into...this parade is definitely a special "thing" the "Sheiks" photo there is a gaggle of Hostesses on the right in the bleachers...with "Chief TG" (I think these dates pre-date "Miss Disneyland") Blonde Donna Parton (later Clark) with the other "blue hat Hostess costume" ladies. It is rare to see color photos of this costume: I did not know that this hat color was a teal blue, with the stark white suit combo. There were many iterations of the hostess costume: also commonly referred to as the "VIP Tour Guide Costume". They were very sophisticated in many ways earlier: with gloves, etc. and hand bag to match. Internally, we would call a VIP tour a "Hostess Tour" regardless of the gender of employee...saying "VIP" was externally (in the presence of guests) not used: as "VIP" referred to EVERY "every guest is a VIP" according to Walt Disney. The fruit punch at Club 33 was referred to as "Hostess Punch", as the one non-alcoholic option (but looked like a cocktail) we could choose. (Fun factoid: Donna Parton would go on to marry Pete Clark of Participant Affairs.)

Major Pepperidge said...

Nanook, you have to admit that it might say “Huntington Savings”. Didn’t all banks have their own marching bands back then?? ;-) Yes, I have the feeling that a “Christmas From Many Lands” parade might not fly, unless you had folks representing each land in charge of their tableaus. I noticed the reel-to-reel player and the big speakers, but forgot to mention them.

JB, it’s as if being in the band was actually cool! Can that be true? I’m not housebroken, I pee wherever I want. The Middle East certainly has a Christmas connection, and luckily there are no problems there ever. i love candy that has been on the ground, the longer the better if you ask me. No wrappers please, they just slow me down. Maybe llamas were introduced to the Middle East long ago (sort of like tomatoes to Europe)? Maybe they’ve been a herd animal there for a long time and I just never knew it. It would still surprise me though. I don’t want to spoil the surprise re: the boxes, but let’s just say that if you like burritos, you will be happy.

TokyoMagic!, I noticed the woman with the gray sweater (sweatshirt?) and mouse ears, I’m pretty sure that’s not Ginny Tyler, based on the few photos I’ve seen of her. I’d love it if it was, though! I’m sure she works over at the Mickey Mouse Club Headquarters. She’ll quiz you about Mickey movies, and if you answer wrong, she’ll kick you to the curb. Flock of Seagulls, greatest band ever, greatest hair ever. That shirtless guy looks like he laughs at the cold. Laughs!

Bu, Guest Relations sounds like a good guess, but I sure don’t know. Now I see two more tour guides; I didn’t know that the hostesses ever wore blue (teal) pillbox hats. Sort of a fun detail. I’m surprised they weren’t roped in to participate in the parade. Very cool that you recognize Donna Parton! Something about their outfits makes me think of the hostesses that you’d sometimes see at the World’s Fair the next year. Thanks for the fun comment!

Kathy! said...

Wow, more fancy parade pics! In pic 2, the Mouseketeer's shirt almost looks like it says Paulette. And look at that triple layered turban! The gold curled shoes are amazing. The “Franistanians” have a fuzzy miniature donkey! I wonder if the camel riders represent Wise Men. Thanks for explaining the ladies in the blue velvet hats, Bu. I saw them and thought they were nurses or another special organization. Thanks, Major.

Anonymous said...

Well, my guess for the marching band was "Harold's Beach", so I am glad that was cleared up.

Quite a production, Major. Stripey Pants guy with the curly slippers looks like a bad guy in Indiana Jones. Can we still say that?

The gentlemen with the lavender jackets appear to have a model of the Byodo-In Temple on the back of their float, the roof and red columns are distinctive.

Typically, these parade photos from yesteryear are as interesting for the crowds as for the parade itself, and this is no exception.

Thanks for today's installment, lots of fun.


Major Pepperidge said...

Kathy!, “Paulette” is a good guess, though it isn’t clear enough to be 100% certain. Maybe she’s Ginny’s sister. Yes, I think that the hostesses in those outfits is a cool detail that I would have known nothing about if it wasn’t for Bu.

JG, you get a gold star for recognizing a specific Japanese temple! I sure would have no idea. I wonder why they chose that temple in particular? Is it the most famous of all in that country? I agree, the crowds are part of what make these pictures so fun; unlike many parade photos, I’m very glad to have these.

Melissa said...

Lots of Men In Black in the audience! This parade makes me think of the holiday displays and entertainers they have around EPCOT's World Showcase this time of year.

All I know about Huntington Beach is that Jack Kelly from Maverick was its mayor for a while.

JG said...

Major, the Byodo-in Temple in Japan is a famous site, almost 100 years old. I haven’t visited the original, but there is a replica in Hawaii, a filming location for Magnum PI and Hawaii 5-0, which is a lovely spot.


JG said...

* 1000 years old, not a hundred. Sorry


Chuck said...

I would have guessed “HB” stood for “Huggy Bear.”