Tuesday, December 26, 2023

Entrance, April 1974

It's time for two more scans from the CURSED batch of slides dated "April, 1974". "But Major, what do you mean 'cursed'? Sure you don't believe in such superstitious nonsense!". Well I DO! How else can you explain  the fact that these slides are (generally) so dark? CHECKMATE! (I originally typed "Chuckmate", but didn't want to upset Chuck).

Clearly the curse hadn't kicked in fully at this point, so this first scan looks OK. Folks are scurrying around near the entrance (or exit), we can just see some of the "granite" stonework of one of the tunnels beneath the train tracks. The flower Mickey portrait is just out of frame to our right. How many of those nice trees have survived?

I have the feeling our photographer might have gone to the park for at least a two-day visit, but it's just a guess really. Here we are, waiting in line to buy our ticket books on what appears to be a breezy day. My hair! Luckily I brought a babushka. Notice the fellow to the right staring at us spookily. Do you think he is a cast member? 


Nanook said...

Since this is from 1974, if I didn't know any better, I'd say that "fellow staring at us" has a pooka shell necklace around his neck. The two gals just in front of the woman with the 'mini' bouffant black hairdo are wearing barrettes in their hair. (No need for babushkas).

Thanks, Major.

TokyoMagic! said...

These are two odd ones. What were the subjects....just the crowds of people? My favorite person is the lady in the first pic, with the giant tree-shaped headdress. She should be walking down a grand staircase to the tune, "A Pretty Girl Is Like A Melody."

JB said...

The trees, shrubs, and lawn look really nice in this photo, especially against that deep blue sky. None of the guests are wearing anything out of the ordinary... well, maybe that guy with the huge flowers on his shirt. I think I see one of the locomotives peeking through the shrubbery on the right.

Not sure why the photographer took this photo. A sea of people with their backs to us. Except for the spooky guy. He doesn't strike me as the CM type; his clothing isn't what you'd expect a CM to be wearing. Plus, he's not smiling at us. I think he's one of the "Matrix" enforcers, making sure we don't catch on to what's really happening in this place. Maybe this photo was an accidental snap?
I bet that red macrame vest thingy in the lower right was home-made.

Tokyo!, haha! I saw that "headdress" as well.

Well, these photos may be cursed, Major, but they turned out nice anyway. Thanks.

Chuck said...

Major, "Chuckmate" wouldn't have upset me. In fact, I kind of like it. It makes me think of Mrs. Chuck, which is something I rather enjoy.

In the first photo, check out the young lady wearing dark socks and a flower print, short-shorts version of overalls. Also note the family to the right wearing matching windbreakers. We used to do that. I can imagine their anticipation as they plan how they are going to use up those E tickets.

The more I look at it, the more I love the second picture. The guy with the shades is a wonderful example of an accidental center of interest. A single man stands alone against the will of the crowd, turning his back on the promise of happiness to follow his convictions. This work should be hanging in an art gallery somewhere. I call it "Defiance."

Stu29573 said...

I have figured out who "Spooky Guy" is! He's obviously a member of Devo! They probably had a concert there that night after flying there in their Timemaster 1600 machine! (SO much nicer than the Timemaster 1500, really).
No curse here, just some good old fashioned temporal distortion. Ok, maybe a little curse.
Thanks, Major!

Bu said...

Spooky guy works in the Parking Lot: I'd know that turtleneck anywhere. He looks like he has a big bouffant, which would have been verboten, but it's actually a bouffant behind him. Odd that he has locked onto the camera. The sunglasses reek of DL Parking Lot Costume: you did need them. I wore them too. Aviators or Wayfarers were the order of the day in my day. Strangely, with the hyper autocratic grooming codes, they were not so concerned with our sunglasses, with the only caveat: that you could only wear them in jobs that were outside and actually needed them. They were only to be "on" when needed: for instance: not particularly "needed" at the toll booth...unless the side was rising or setting....Sunglasses "blocked interpersonal communication". I actually agree, but also wanted my coolness. Tour Guides were not allowed to wear sunglasses at all unless on a VIP tour: and even then: was discouraged. Main Entrance Trees: Tree on left: I don't think is there. Tree on right is very much there and is still spectacular. I have many photos of it. The boys in the tree photo could be my brother and myself: I had to look very close as I actually thought it was: I would have been about that age. We both had those blue windbreakers. In Southern California we didn't need much more than that. I wore cardigans sometimes, but always got horribly teased for it. Kids are mean! Thanks Major for a trip back in time. Happy Boxing Day to all!

JG said...

Definitely odd subjects for photos. Perhaps these were the “bonus” frames you could sometime get at the start or end of a roll? I would get these occasionally and they were seldom any good because I didn’t frame anything in the picture?

Young Janet Reno auditioning for Tangaroa.

Girl is wearing a t-shirt with “ Hotshots” logo? Was this a movie? Charlie Sheen? Too soon? Too late?

Photo 2 is just heads and hair! What up? Mom had a macrame vest like that but it wasn’t red.

I always thought the DLRR bridges were limestone, I would never take them for granite, they have too much sedimental value.

Thanks Major, a slow start, but ultimately worthwhile.


Nanook said...

@ Bu-
Of course, that 'pooka shell necklace' is merely the 'edge' of the turtleneck.

@ JG-
Undoubtedly, that girl's "Hotshots" tee shirt is referring to Hot Shots, a [62-minute] movie from 1956 - starring Huntz Hall (and the Bowery Boys)-! Oh... you didn't know she was a HUGE Huntz Hall fan.

Melissa said...

Happy Boxing Day! Lots of great Vintage People in the first picture. The VFA goes to the girl Chuck spotted, in the flowered shortalls and black knee socks. (I wonder if she borrowed the socks from her Dad.) Silver medal goes to the boys in the matching blue windbreakers.

"Luckily I brought a babushka."

And two cans of Aqua Net in matching holsters, for when your hair needs that Quick-Draw Look (tm).

The eighth wonder of the world, The Back Side of Noggins!

All this talk of curses reminds me of the song we used to sing to the Mr. Ed theme tune:

A hearse is a hearse, with a curse, a curse.
And no one can curse at a hearse, or worse.
You never heard of a cursing hearse? Well, listen to this:
I am Mr. Dead!

Bu, I can't believe they made you lead tours in the SoCal sunshine with no shades! I don't think I could have done it.

Nanook said...

@ Melissa-
An undiscovered verse to the Mister Ed theme. I'm certain Jay Livingston would be thrilled. Brilliant-!

JB said...

Melissa, a strange little ditty; I like it! The strangeness appeals to me.

"Lou and Sue" said...

TM! HA! I think it's safe to assume, in that second shot, that gal is now lying on the ground, covered in a white sheet. That's what everyone is looking at.

Thanks, Major.