Monday, November 14, 2022

Two Leftuggies

Are today's photos "randos"? Or "leftuggies"? Well, according to the Encyclopedia Oxnardia, they are "leftuggies" ("residui" in Latin). There, that's settled! No more questions, I have a very busy schedule.

Today's first scan is from a stereo slide from August, 1969. It shows a busy Fantasyland, bustling with guests, and full of color and movement. Ketchup and mustard Skyway gondolas, and candy cane Pirate Ship sails. So much flavor! Skull Rock's commentary on the scene is curmudgeonly as always.

From one year earlier (yes, September of 1968) we have this portrait of four friends, enjoying a shady bench near the Plaza Pavillion. They look like they are running out of gas, the sugar in those Cokes will be just the thing. Meanwhile the fellow on the right looks like an extra from "My Fair Lady" (when Eliza was still selling flowers from a basket). Blimey!


Nanook said...

I'm so relieved to see the 'three gals' [any relationship to the Three Tenors-?] are sporting 'sensible shoes' for their fun-filled day at The Park.

Thanks, Major.

JB said...

In the first photo: At first I thought the girls, in front, had milk mustaches. Then I noticed milk noses and milk fingers. Then I saw that pretty much everyone was suffering from the same malady. So I'm guessing it's some sort of film (or camera) aberration, maybe having to do with the 3D aspect.
No matter. It's still a nice photo with lots of color, movement, and excitement.

In the second photo: The lady on the left, with the very sensible shoes (I knew Nanook would mention the shoes), is missing an arm. The others told her not to get too close to those swans in the moat, but did she listen? NOooo! And now she has (or doesn't have) a little something to remind her of her trip to the Happiest Place On Earth. The swans ate well that day.

Major, you can call 'em "randos" or you can call 'em "leftuggies" or you can call 'em "randuggies" or you can call 'em "leftos". But ya doesn't has t'call 'em "residui". (My take on Ray Jay Johnson.) Thanks for the photos, Major.

JG said...

Wow, photo 1 is Friday-Worthy, which is one step below Posrcard-Worthy. Nice views of many of my favorite Old Fantasyland things. No trash cans, and the crowd is somewhat disarranged, but still full of the expected goodness.

Also provides a date for the updated fence and arches on the Mad Tea Party. For some reason I thought those were mid70’s improvements.

Photo 2, I can sympathize with those folks, I know just how they feel. “Based on a 14 hour day in the Park, we are paying $11/hour just to be here breathing and this Coke cost $7.50. Gotta get up and at ‘em so we can run to pay $25 for a Lightning Lane to Rise.”

Also, what is the CM in the background doing? Looks like he is playing a clarinet?

Cheers Major, lots of fun on Monday.


Melissa said...

The blur combined with the billowing sails and wind-whipped flag give a strong sense of motion to the first picture. Whee! Vroom!

Lots of great late-sixties textile prints on display here. It's a carousel of color.

Major Pepperidge said...

Nanook, hey, I wore sneakers, the male version of “sensible shoes”. I can’t imagine how some women managed to walk around the park in heels all day.

JB, the “milk mustaches” are my fault! The slide was a little bit blurry, so I used Photoshop’s “smart sharpen” filter, which does great, but it also can do weird things like the mustaches. Sorry girls! As for the woman’s missing arm - well, now we know why the swans were removed from the moat. I’m just amazed that she was able to finish her day at Disneyland!

JG, I do like that first one, Fantasyland can be such an appealing whirl of colors and activity. BUT (as I said to JB) the picture turned out to be a bit out of focus, which is always a bummer. “I thought it was going to be so good!”. Which is why I tried to fix the problem with the “sharpen” filter. It kind of sort of worked. I always worry that I will run out of steam at Disneyland, but somehow I manage to stay on my feet longer than I expect. Probably due to all of the external stimuli! That cast member is playing an oboe, BTW.

Melissa, I would imagine that a strong wind could actually put a lot of stress on those spars and masts, I’m surprised that the sails were unfurled on a day like that. Normally (as you know) they’d probably leave them furled. The world is a carousel of color… wonderful wonderful color!

"Lou and Sue" said...

Yep, those folks are just taking a nice, relaxing break. Hopefully they lasted til late to see all the beautiful lights, and hit uncrowded attractions while the really-tired people are leaving. My favorite time in Disneyland.

Thanks, Major.

Nanook said...

"I can’t imagine how some women managed to walk around the park in heels all day". That thought reminds me of one of a zillion brilliant quotes from All About Eve, which is-

You bought the new girdles a size smaller. I can feel it.
Something maybe grew a size larger.
When we get home you're going to get into one of those girdles and act for two and a half hours...
I couldn't get into the girdle in two and a half hours...

"Lou and Sue" said...

Hey, I see that our Stu is sick (as mentioned in his current blog post)...that explains why he's been missing the last several days.
Get well quick, Stu, we miss you!

Chuck said...

All of those delicious flavors explains why Skull Rck is salivating.