Monday, November 28, 2022

More Frontierland, March 1962

Here are even more photos of a woman whose significant other was plum loco about her. 

There she is, posing along the shore of the Rivers of America, with the Columbia moored on Tom Sawyer Island. The sailing ship may have been moored there more than once, but I know for sure that it was put there during some of the construction that happened in Frontierland in 1962. Presumably, Fowler's Harbor was impacted by this work, otherwise you'd think that the Columbia could have just been stored there as it was so often.

Nearby, our gal poses next to a fire hydrant by the load area for the Mark Twain. I wonder what's in that red box to our right? Maybe candy! That greenish building behind the woman is the Ice House, which I believe was used for general storage. As far as I'm aware, the Ice House is still there to this day. I have always liked the detail of bales of cotton stacked up, waiting for pickup.



Nanook said...

I love "Ginny's" spit curl. I want to know if the little gentleman to her right was borrowed from Central Casting for added authenticity - filling out that unused space.

Thanks, Major..

JB said...

Ah, Ginny! Always with the "come hither" look (especially in photo #2). She looks cuter without the cigarette; which we haven't seen for a while. Good for her. I bet her sense of taste has already started to return.

Also in photo #2, there is a 16 foot-tall elk, mostly out of frame to the right, contemplating that red box of candy.

Nanook, that Central Casting kid didn't get paid for his performance because he has his back to us; we never see his face.

Major, thanks for another episode of "Ginny in Frontierland". (In COLOR!)

Major Pepperidge said...

Nanook, I don’t see a gentleman to Ginny’s right? Maybe he only appears to those who are pure of heart? ;-) Also, note to self: I need a big spit curl! Maybe two.

JB, I don’t know what you are talking about, cigarettes are the best! I can’t think of a single thing bad about them. I’ll bet Ginny smoked nearly two packs a day (sadly). How many butts in a pack? 16? 20? I should ask my brother, since he smokes and won’t even consider quitting. Ginny was sure brave, I’d be worried about a huge elk, but she knows the magical Icelandic song that always calms them. That kid is dreaming about getting his friends to whitewash a fence for him (as kids do).

"Lou and Sue" said...

Pic #1: The Kodak picture spot camera man is just barely visible. He blends in with the trees.

Pic #2: I love the 16-foot-tall elk. I'm glad you spotted it, JB.
Ginny's adorable, but I think she'd look cuter sitting on the bench or even the red candy box...she's sort-of sitting on that hydrant. I think I see a second hydrant, waaay in the back (just the top is peaking up).

Where is everyone today?? Too much eating over the holiday weekend?

Thanks, Major.

Anonymous said...

Note: I just received a text from Chuck. He’s stuck in nonstop meetings.
Chuck, I suggest you quit that stupid job. Get your priorities straight.


Anonymous said...

You know...I forgot about the background while looking at these pictures! LOL KS

JB said...

For those who are wondering, here is the magical Icelandic song that Ginny sang to the 16-foot-tall elk:

"Eina með öllu, takk.
Hvar finn ég Eyjafjallajökull?
Ég tala ekki íslensku"

Translated (for real!):

"One hot dog with everything, please.
Where can I find Eyjafjallajökull (Icelandic volcano)?
I don't speak Icelandic."

Only Icelanders and 16-foot-tall Icelandic elk can understand the words. (Ginny's 6th grade teacher was Icelandic and taught her the song, fortunately.)

Anonymous said...

JB, how do you know that Ginny’s 6th grade teacher WASN’T a 16-foot-tall elk??


Anonymous said...

Ha! Nanook, I truly did win Fire Chief for a Day—in 6th grade, at my school. Had to write something about fire prevention, to win. I got to spend a day with the fire department...ate a meal with them, and rode in the fire truck to a fire [that I later discovered was started by one of my cousins—the one standing on the DL Main Street train station with my dad’s camera equipment, in a past GDB post]. I have a picture of me posing in the fire truck—but it’s pretty awful—cat-eye glasses and all—you won’t see it here.


Major Pepperidge said...

Lou and Sue, sometimes the Picture Spot Guy just wants a little peace. It’s not easy being a star. Ginny seems to always be standing in her photos, I don’t know if that’s because her husband always had a sudden inspiration (“Hey! Let’s take one here!”) or maybe the benches were wet with rain (yeah, probably not). I guess everybody has found another blog they like more than GDB (tears streaming down face).

Sue, I agree, Chuck should explain to his fellow employees about GDB, and they would surely allow him to skip those tedious meetings. And they’d be jealous!

KS, Ginny would appreciate that!

JB, wow, I had no idea that you were fluent in Icelandic. Very impressive. Do you happen to know Finnish too? One of the harder languages to learn, or so I have heard. They’re all hard to learn if you ask me. On a side note, I have a friend who went to Iceland to see the erupting volcanoes, but when he was there they were all quiet. Imagine!

Sue, you make a good point.

Nanook, if only Sue could turn her sixth sense for all things “fire suppression” into cold hard cash! Maybe Daveland will forgive my debts if I do a little dance? It could happen.

Stu29573 said...

I'm here!
Now the wife and I have strep! Aaaaaarrrrrrrrg!
Feeling better, though!

JB said...

Stu, a word of advice: STOP GETTING SICK! (You'll feel a lot better.)

Nanook said...

@ Sue-
Who knew my "joke" held so many truths-?? As I'm so fond of saying: "You don't have to make this stuff up-!"

I remember back in either the 4th or 5th grade, receiving a small booklet (with red covers - naturally) that was all about fire safety. And one of the 'helpful hints' was this mnemonic... Whenever in a fix dial 116. I guess it eventually lost out to '911'.

"Lou and Sue" said...

Nanook, I remember, "Stop! Drop! Roll!"

Regarding the fire that my cousin started, I should explain, so that you don't think he was a killer or something. He and his friend were in 5th grade and playing in a LARGE pile of straw that was piled on the new expressway/roadway being constructed next to our neighborhood. No cars were on it, yet, as it wasn't completed. Being typical boys, I guess they did start the pile on fire and then couldn't put it out, so they ran. My cousin did not know I was with the fire department that day, and I did not know he started that fire - until a few years later, when the "topic" came up, by chance.
Note: If it wasn't for that fire, my day with the firemen would've been a little boring. I got to ride up front and sound the siren. (Though, I do recall the dinner they made was pretty tasty, spaghetti of some sort, if I remember correctly.)

Stu and Mrs. Stu: Sorry to hear you're under the weather. Lemons - seeds and all, if I remember correctly.

Melissa said...

Ginny Goes West!

It's a good thing they have the ice house for general storage; the ice keeps the generals cool in their heavy dress uniforms on those sunny California afternoons.

JG said...

Long day driving for work yesterday, sorry I missed the party.

I wish Ginny would be available for autographs after the photo shoot.

I hope that she and the photographer had a long, happy life together.