Thursday, November 17, 2022

More Leftuggies

Here are two Leftuggies™ - slides that somehow got left behind. It's no reflection on their quality, which (in today's case) is pretty good. 

The Matterhorn impresses in this pretty photo from July, 1964. The hazy sky makes me suspect that the picture was actually taken during the previous month's "June gloom", but it might just be a misty morning too. I've gotten into the habit of looking for red-shirted climbers when I see photos like this one, but Hans and Otto weren't scaling the icy slopes this time.

How about a nice zoom-in so that we get a better look at the outdoor seating for the Yacht Bar? There are plenty of empty seats, so maybe it really was morning-ish.

Next is this October, 1972 shot looking northeast from what I believe is the upper level of the Carousel of Progress building. From up there we get a good look at the Autopia (and that cool sign), some Skyway gondolas, and several Peoplemover trains. I love that lush, green "parkway" inside that roadway curve, there were probably herds of deer and maybe a few bears living in there.



Nanook said...

A couple of nice views you have here.

Thanks, Major.

JB said...

Hans and Otto (and Fritz) may not be in this photo, but there's at least 8 trashcans in the first Leftuggie.

Major, as big as that Autopia forest is, I'm sure there's at least one family of Sasquatches and a colony of chupacabras living in there as well.

Speaking of Disneyland wildlife, does anyone know where the feral cats live in the Park? Do the CMs put food and water out for them?

Thanks for the Leftuggies, Major.

K. Martinez said...

The second pic is great! I remember in that Autopia queue awning there were sparrow's nests underneath with birds coming and going. They probably dined on French fries and burger bun pieces that fell to the ground at the nearby Tomorrowland Terrace. I used to love watching them do that.

Thanks, Major.

TokyoMagic! said...

In the first and second pics, is that lady in the light blue dress holding a frozen banana? Or does she have a gate flyer rolled up tightly in her hand (heaven forbid!)? Or is it yet another very early sighting of a "Mr. Microphone"?

Thanks for sharing these wholesome Leftuggies with us, Major!

Bu said...

Regarding feral cats...(didn't know I would start out my fine morning with that...)....Regarding feral cats: I don't remember seeing plates of Fancy Feast or Meow Mix anywhere. Outside of the MK and in the other real world, generally you would see those cheap white paper plates with remnants of Little Friskies scattered around in feral cat places...which I do not remember seeing in Disneyland. The cats may survive happily on mouse and old spaghetti. I also don't remember smelling essence of FC anywhere, which is also a thing...nor do I remember seeing a spare leg from a half eaten mouse...maybe someone knows? Speaking of other wildlife, I am surprised that deer don't roam around somewhere in this happy place called Disneyland. They certainly are everywhere else in the most urban of localities. I remember driving in downtown Hollywood and frequently seeing a gaggle or two of deer...not sure if it's a gaggle...a herd? a gathering? a happening? a rave? Don't know. I have a plentiful amount of all types of Mutual of Omaha's wild kingdom in my yard. Bears are crafty and smart: they know how to operate door knobs and such...want to put out breadcrumbs for the birds? unless you want a yard full of raccoons and possums...not a great idea...and lock up the living!...back to the Yacht Bar. Love this building. Recreate it somewhere in one of those "dump parks". Isn't that what they call the EPCOTS of the world now? Where you just moosh Moana next to a futuristic world of science and education and cocktail bars? and France? I'm wondering if I could be hyper critical of the PeopleMover tracks merged with the 50's aspects of the Auto-Topia? How I had to constantly correct my best friend on this name. Ah-Toe-Pee-uh! Why is that so hard? Anyway...the PeopleMover...or People Mover or Peepulmoovah (if you are from Staten Island) track does look a trifle messy in this photo...but I will forgive: the fun part is that it's still out there amongst the wilds of Tomorrowland and the top side of the Atlantis...or is is Ariel-World now...or Dore-World?...or Sebastian World? I think Sebastian is a good name for a Lobster. When people are eating them I ask: "how is Sebastian". Like when people eat Version I ask "how is Bambi"? I am terrible. Thanks for the LT's major! PROVE YOU ARE NOT A ROBOT! THIS BAG IS NOT A TOY! DO NOT EAT! CHOKING HAZARD! (I have read all of these things this's not even 8 yet...people are already telling me what to do and I haven't even left my hotel room...)

Stu29573 said...

The Matterhorn looks very Swiss in the first pic. Lots and lots o' holes, don't cha know? You can't see Fudgie, since the angle is wrong, of course. Or maybe he was out for a swim in the lagoon. We'll never know at this point.

That patch of forest was actually the last hiding place for the world's last dinos. They used them as models for the railroad.

Melissa said...

TM!, I think the lady in the blue dress is about to open channel D and talk to Mr. Waverly back at U.N.C.L.E. headquarters. Those little girls look like THRUSH agents to me. I don;t think I've ever seen the Autopia sign from that particular angle.

I've read various articles about the Disneyland ferals, but it's hard to separate fact from rumor. My impression is that there are hidden feeding stations in the "wild" areas around the park.

"Lou and Sue" said...

Melissa, you are right about the feral feeding stations...See HERE! I usually see at least one or two cats on my Disneyland trips - either inside the Park or near the hotels.

Thanks, Major, for today's extra good look at Matterhorn's nostrils.

DrGoat said...

Nice leftuggies Major. The last one is particularly pleasing.
I saw a kitty on our '95 trip. Quick glimpse in Frontierland, then gone as kitties do. It might have been a brain blip 'cause I'm fond of felines, but pretty sure.
Thanks Major

Omnispace said...

Thanks for these left-lovable photos, Major. I really like the Matterhorn / Yacht Club photo. Nothing speaks more about the future than chairs with tables built into the armrest! I wonder if they had built-in cup holders?

It's amazing how well the landscaping matured in the Autopia area - a far cry from its barren early days. The unassuming Peoplemover really bests the Monorail for its fantastic tree-top views of the park! No action movie tie-in is needed.

Melissa said...

My family's worked with feral cat colonies since I was a kid, and most of the pet cats I've had over the years have been Triple-F's (feral foster fails), so I was really hoping to catch a glimpse of the local feline fauna when I finally made it to Disneyland, but no such luck.

Anonymous said...

JB, that's a lot of trash cans, surely closer than a hot-dog-munch apart. I think the record we have counted was up to 10 in one picture, also in original Tomorrowland, and that included at least two of the bullet top ones in the Autopia queue.

I've never seen a cat in Disneyland, but I have seen what were almost certainly cat scats under some bushes, which they don't always bury if they are trying to intimidate their opposition.

Bu, we have to lock our cat door at night so the raccoons don't come inside to help themselves to the cat kibble.

The Country Bears were recruited from that Autopia forest. Riding through that area in the People Mover was one of the best T67 experiences, a quiet cruise through the woods, the Tomorrowland equivalent of the Rivers of America.

Several fire extinguishers visible in Autopia, I wonder if engine (or brake) fires were that common, or was this just a common-sense precaution?

Thanks Major!


JB said...

Ken M., watching birds eat leftovers is something I would enjoy as well. A bit of calmness amid all the hectic activity of Disneyland.

Tokyo!, it doesn't really look like a frozen banana. Too skinny, too straight.

Bu, "The cats may survive happily on mouse and old spaghetti" ... The feral cats ate MICKEY?!!! Say it ain't so! You would probably have to visit the New Orleans Square Parfumerie to find Essence of Feral Cat.

Stu, (Feeling better?) I was thinking the same thing about Fudgie. I figured he was still in the shower when this early-morning photo was taken.
Every once in a while, a guest would spot a brontosaurus poking its head up through the dense canopy of that Disney forest. Of course, brontosauruseseses have been extinct since 1958; well before this 1972 photo was taken.

Melissa, I would like to think that there are feeding stations somewhere in the Park.

Sue, Ah! Thanks for that link. 200+ feral cats!? I wonder where that "Natural Pest Control" sign is located?

Major, the Sasquatches tried preparing one of the Animatronic Exploding Ducks one year... epic fail.
I'm trying to see that thing in the lady's hand as an ice cream bar, edge on... can't quite do it.

JG, I was pretty sure that we saw more than 8 trashcans in Tomorrowland before. I think the record is something like 13 or 14 elsewhere in the Park, most likely Main Street.

Thanks to all for the feral cat info.

Melissa said...

"Bu, we have to lock our cat door at night so the raccoons don't come inside to help themselves to the cat kibble."

Same here, but substitute possum for raccoon. I don't know if they're more dangerous, but they look a lot scarier.

The last time I was at the Magic Kingdom, a big old duck stood at my feet for a while, snapping up all the dropped crumbs from my funnel cake. He quacked and flew away when a little boy tried to hug him.

Major Pepperidge said...

Omnispace, as a matter a fact, the tables DID have built-in cup holders! And yes, I don’t think many people associate Tomorrowland with “nice landscaping”, but they really did have some lovely trees and woodsy areas.

Melissa, a whole colony of feral cats! Did they wear pilgrim hats (you know, with the buckles)? I’ve never read an estimate as to just how many cats there might be at the park, but I’d love to know. 10? 50?

JG, I’ll have to try to remember that the trashcan record is 10 - but I’ll probably forget. Cat scats, not to be confused with Scat Cat from “The Aristocats”! My sister also has to put the barrier in front of their cat door, those darn raccoons are so bold. She says she has surprised them in her house, and they seem to think that SHE is the interloper. Good question about the fire extinguishers, I’m guessing that they were there “just in case” (or maybe required by fire regulations), but I’d love to know if those little cars every burst into flames.

JB, one of my most vivid childhood memories is watching the little sparrows hopping around on the ground gobbling up bits of hamburger buns and the occasional french fry. Not many cats would be brave enough to pounce on a five foot tall mouse, but you never know. Wow, those woods sure hold a lot of wildlife, and several cryptids. I wonder if the feeding stations for the cat are “self serve”, in other words, do the machines dispense food if a cat interacts with one? I missed the estimate of 200 feral cats, WOW. That’s a lot. I guess we’ll never know what that lady is holding, maybe it was a switchblade. 13 or 14 trashcans?! That’s too many!

Melissa, we sometimes see possums in my mom’s backyard, but they are awfully shy, as opposed to the raccoons, those will go drink at the little stone fountain in her front entryway in groups of four or five. And they have those big scary teeth!

TokyoMagic! said...

Melissa, so that lady in the light blue dress is actually Stephanie Powers in disguise!?!? Funny, THRUSH is the name of a fungal infection that people get on their tongues and in the back of their throats. Actually, I guess it's not that funny.

Major, there is one cat in DCA, "Francisco," who let's people pet him/her. My friend was petting Francisco, while I was taking a picture of them. And my friend still has all of his fingers!

JB, as has already been stated here, there are feeding stations for the cats. Here's an article from the Los Angeles Times, about the cats of DL. There might be some overlapping info, from the site that Sue provided the link to. But it also mentions the feral cats outside the park, in the City of Anaheim, as well as over at Knott's Berry Farm: