Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Three Unrejected Slides

Today I have a trio of "unrejected" scans for you - images that were previously deemed to be unworthy of your time, but (upon further consideration) I now think might be worth a look. You be the judge!

OK I admit that this first one is not the most exciting way to start off; we have a couple resting their feet on one of those cast-iron benches that used to be all over Fantasyland. The woman seems to be holding up pretty well, and she can muster up a sweet smile for the camera. Her husband looks like he might be out of gas.

In the background the Motor Boats can be seen, while I am reasonably sure that the Fantasyland Autopia is partially visible in the upper right. 

This next one (from July, 1963) is a little bit more interesting; the only drawback is that it is a bit dark, but we can still see Main Street USA with 2 Horse Drawn Streetcars, a Surrey, a Horseless Carriage, and the Motorized Firetruck. Pretty neat! Barely visible overhead is a banner announcing the debut of the Enchanted Tiki Room.

And finally, we're ending on a whimper with this shot from a Storybook Land canal boat as it passes the Dwarf's cottage from "Snow White". If you listen closely you can hear the "Silly Song"!


Nanook said...

I think we can cut the "husband" a little slack. After all, he's sporting a bolo tie-! Perhaps he's merely despondent over the fact he's had to stare at that piece of trash sitting in the street for some time now. (Where are those sweeps-??)

In the present Disneyland [when it's operational, that is] we'd be hard-pressed to see such 'motoring' taking place on Main Street, U.S.A. It IS pretty neat.

Thanks, Major.

TokyoMagic! said...

It's kind of strange to see that bench raised up on a sidewalk, with a curb in front of it. The Matterhorn would be behind the photographer. I wonder when they redid this area and got rid of the curb and sidewalk?

There's one more vehicle visible on Main Street. The stroller ride. It's a real "E" Ticket!

stu29573 said...

The cottage reminds me of the ending of the Seven Dwarves Mine Train. As you pull into the station, you pass a full size version of this, with the Silly Song playing in the background. Through the windows, you see Snow dancing with the Dwarves. As you pull up a bit more, you see the Witch (apple in hand) knocking on the door. A pretty cool addition, in my opinion. It's also neat that the figures are all reused Snow White's Scary Adventures figures...

Melissa said...

Grandpa's got a snazzy bolo tie, nd Grandma has matched her bag to her shoes AND her wristwatch! They need to rest up from being so fabulous.

If I still lived in the woods, I'd build a replica of that sweet little cottage. Then again, it'd probably just get trashed by those roughneck raccoons.

"Lou and Sue" said...

I especially love the Main Street picture . . . the castle looks big and far away, and all the activity makes it extra fun! That would be a great scene to step into.

Speaking of Main Street pictures, did anyone notice in yesterday's picture - that the lady on the left was wearing 'light-up' shoes??

Thanks, Major, for post #5001! That's great news that you plan to go [at least] another couple years! That made my day, along with the fact that the drive-through hot-dog-joint by my house is now giving away a free roll of TP with every $20 food order.

And my bananas are finally yellow (VERY yellow).

Thanks, Major!


JC Shannon said...

I don't know if Bolo Bob is out of gas. He may just have gas. I doubt his spousal unit will be smiling for long. "Oh Bob, really!" It's a busy day on Main St. Heavy traffic is predicted for rush hour. All is peaceful on the Canal Boats...until Bob shows up. "Bob, if you think I'm getting on one of those Submarines with you, think again!" Thanks Major.

DrGoat said...

Sue, I think her footwear might be those Golden Slippers we've heard so much about. Handy at night.
It's a toss up between the dwarf's cottage and Mr. Toad's Hall. You'd have to contend with the weasels and Mr. Winky, but never a dull moment.
Thanks Major. Sets the mood for the day.

K. Martinez said...

That curb where the couple is sitting on the bench is strange. Never knew they had curbs in that area.

Love the display of the Main Street Vehicles. You got 'em all except the Omnnibus. Thanks, Major.

Major Pepperidge said...

Nanook, I had no idea that bolo ties were so exhausting! Never worn one myself. Same with a bow tie, not counting the clip-on that I wore to church when I was a little kid. I’ll bet that man put that piece of trash there just to be mean!

TokyoMagic!, I always thought it was weird that so many of the streets were changed from “street and sidewalk” to just flat pavement. Maybe too many people were tripping and hurting themselves? The stroller ride was the first trackless thrill ride!

stu29573, I’ve seen videos of the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, it looks pretty neat (though it still bothers me that they tore out the Snow White dark ride for a princess meet ’n greet). Looking it up, it astonishes me to discover that the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train opened six years ago! I would have guessed “Two or three years ago” if asked.

Melissa, I’d want a cool bolo tie with a skull. Maybe with rhinestones in the eye sockets. Or blinking lights! Perfect for all occasions. Man, your grandma and grandpa were serious about their fashion game. You lived in the woods?

Lou and Sue, I wish the Main Street photo wasn’t so dark (that’s why I didn’t post it originally), but it is still pretty good. Light up shoes? You must be pulling my leg? I always think it’s funny to see little kids with their blinking glowing shoes, they seem so happy. Maybe I’m a little jealous! Thanks for the nice comment.

Jonathan, I have been to the park with friends who have been experiencing stomach issues, we have to find a restroom every 10 minutes. Surprisingly, they don’t have that much fun! But I can sympathize. I’m sure Bob wouldn’t want to get on a submarine any more than his wife wants him to!

DrGoat, ah I see, those yellow shoes do look kind of “glowy”. Golden slippers look great, but they don’t breathe. That’s why everyone should wear Crocs all the time, and for all purposes. The cottage looks pretty cozy, and somehow is bigger on the inside than you might expect. However, I agree, Toad Hall looks pretty sweet.

K. Martinez, this might have been during that short time when the Omnibus went all the way around the Matterhorn, requiring a “road” rather than just a walkway? I dunno, just a dumb guess on my part. I do love all those Main Street vehicles; but it’s hard to beat the photo (can’t find it now) in which you could see all four Horse Drawn Streetcars out and about!

Nanook said...


Once again - Daveland to the rescue. These images might help explain those curbs... HERE'S one look. Or - if your prefer - HERE'S another one.

Nanook said...

It's only the second image that shows a time when there was a "sidewalk" deep-enough to accommodate those wrought iron benches. HERE'S a better view.

Melissa said...

I wasn't talking about my real-life grandparents; I was just jokingly calling the couple in the picture "Grandpa" and "Grandma," which was kind of a silly thing to do, in hindsight. Yeah, I lived in the woods for ten years. It was... interesting.

"Lou and Sue" said...

In the woods with shelter I hope and pray!!

JG said...

Dad is not enjoying Disneyland, apparently. Which is too bad.

He should ride the Canal Boats, that would cheer him up.

If these were rejected, I'll take rejected anytime.

Thanks Major.


TokyoMagic! said...

Nanook, thanks for the pics, for reference. Now I can see that it was only this one tiny area that had sort of a "concrete pad" within the planter and that it wasn't really a sidewalk. I'm sure they eventually dug up the concrete (and left the curb) which just enlarged the planter. And of course, eventually they installed the metal railings on top of the curbs around the planters. Today, this area has been ruined by the new extended queue for the Matterhorn. I don't know what was wrong with letting the line wrap around the mountain, just as it had for almost 50 years!

Major Pepperidge said...

Nanook, thanks - it makes sense, the raised area helped to separate the flowers from being trod upon too much. Daveland to the rescue, does he wear a cape?

Melissa, ah, I didn’t get that you were joking. I will take everything you say very seriously from now on! VERY seriously. I hope you didn’t see the Blair Witch while you were in the woods.

Lou and Sue, yes, I hope that too!

JG, his wife wouldn’t let him get a balloon, and he sulked the whole rest of the day, the big baby. The Canal Boats are good, or the Teacups!

TokyoMagic!, if I wasn’t so lazy, I’d compare aerial views of the park from the 60’s and now, and see how much of the planters and green areas have been whittled away. I know they got rid of a bunch in preparation for “Galaxy’s Edge”. I just hate that!

Nanook said...

He wears a cape AND a sash-! He's all business-!

Melissa said...

And a hat that says "WIZZARD."

The Magic Ears Dudebro said...

You know, I'm really beginning to reevaluate the Disneyland castle. For the most part, I've always assumed that the Disney World castle was better because it was taller. And yet, seeing the Disneyland castle here, I feel that it's subtle smallness makes it better. Just looking at this picture, its small stature allows the buildings along main street to appear more prominently; whereas, a taller castle would steal all the attention. The castle here almost appears like a mirage on the horizon, almost as if a child-like Disney was staring down the streets of his old hometown and seeing visions of a more fantastic world. Or at least that's how I interpret it.

"Lou and Sue" said...

Magic Ears Dudebro, it's interesting to read your point of view, as a younger person, regarding the two castles. I grew up with the 60's-70's Disneyland, and the 70's WDW, and found that they really are (were) two unique places with 'styles all their own.' The Disneyland I grew up with (pictured above) was a more-relaxed atmosphere with lots of 'classy' entertainment (jazz bands, beautiful relaxing evenings, etc.), while WDW tended to be more 'over the top' flashy and showy (as you can even see by their different castles). One style isn't better than the other. Only a little of the original Disneyland Main Street atmosphere remains now, especially since the castle has been re-painted in flashy colors. I find it heart-warming that you 'tuned into,' and can see, what was once there.