Sunday, March 15, 2020


Sunday's have traditionally been days when I share photos that aren't so good. To put it charitably. Like todays examples!

This first one is from sometime in the 1950's (I think), and shows the Fred Gurley locomotive, which debuted on March 28, 1958. This would have been a "prime time" image except for the fact that it is a little bit out-of-focus. Bummer! The train is resting at Frontierland Station, and you can clearly see the siding for other trains to pass. 

This next one (also from the 50's) was extremely dark, and still looks rather gross even after some serious Photoshop action (though I'm actually surprised I was able to get it this good to be honest)! Other than Marty McHurry and a few people walking up to the train platform, the park looks like a desolate zombie wasteland.


"Lou and Sue" said...

I noticed that the comments were ‘down’ yesterday even though that was a fun post . . . am guessing that everyone was very busy buying carts full of TP and water. Of course it’s essential to buy lots of water because none of the city water departments will be working over the next few weeks (!?!?). It’s funny because I noticed that there was plenty of produce and heathy food still remaining - barely touched except for the bananas; they were all gone.

Today’s rather peaceful pictures are wonderful. Thank you Major!


TokyoMagic! said...

That second pic looks more like Nara Dreamland!

Sue, I also noticed that about the bananas. They were sold out at both of the stores that I visited. Bananas don't have a long shelf life, so I wonder if it's more of a problem of being able to get the bananas, than it is just people buying them up?

"Lou and Sue" said...

TM! Lots of smoothie lovers, or monkeys, preceded me!

Anybody want to trade a banana for a roll of toilet paper??

JC Shannon said...

I also like both of these railroad shots. I hope the toilet paper fiasco, as it has come to be known, is over by Halloween. I have been planning to TP Major's front yard all year and would hate to have to use baby wipes instead. Thanks Major for today's awesome scans. See you in October.

Andrew said...

Who knows, Marty McHurry could have just spotted Walt driving the fire engine; it does look like an uncrowded day, after all.

zach said...

Hold your horses, sir! There are plenty of churros to go around.

Great scans today.


zach said...

PS, lots of bananas in Sonora. Pasta was low but, of course, no TP.

Now I know what to do with those CVS receipts.

Still dz

K. Martinez said...

The first pic is like a faded memory. You remember it but bits and pieces are blurry.

There were lots of bananas when I went out shopping yesterday. The baked goods like bread and buns were a little thin though. Same here with the TP. All gone!

Glad to see the gang chiming in today. Thanks, Major.

Nanook said...


That second image is ripe to let your imagination run wild - if not literally your entire body. (Please don't step in the dirt surrounding that tree, however, it's been cordoned-off).

As to the rhyme or reason behind "current buying decisions" affecting our country - without any serious eye-rolling or pointed yelling - let's just say this: It takes all kinds of people to make a world.

Thanks, Major.

Major Pepperidge said...

Lou and Sue, eh, the pictures weren’t that great yesterday, it’s OK! I have 4000 bottles of hand sanitizer, so I am basically immune to everything, which is a comfort. And if I run out of water, I have lots of Coke Zero. Perfect for making my famous cola pasta. Ha ha, yes, these pictures are certainly “peaceful”!

TokyoMagic!, more like Nara Nightmareland, am I right? My friend saw a woman at the store with a cart full of gallons of milk. She has a week to drink that stuff at best. Who knows, maybe she has a large family with lots of children. A friend of mine went to the 99 cent store and bought bags of potatoes, which seems smart. They keep a long time, and a 10 pound bag was $2.

Lou and Sue, I do think it’s funny that people were a lot more worried about TP than food, at least for a while.

Jonathan, I remember years ago, kids were TPing my parents house, but they were giggling so much that we all woke up and they didn’t get very far. I think maybe they knew my sister.

Andrew, it would be a good time to ask Walt for an autograph! “Say, Walt, things are pretty slow, and I have a stack of brochures, could you sign them ALL?”.

dzacher, but he only wants the fresh churros. Once you’ve had one right out of the fryer, you’ll understand. CVS receipts, why didn’t I think of that?

K. Martinez, while I have avoided the stores for the last few days, the produce department was always well stocked. Presumably because that stuff is so perishable. But I won’t get scurvy! I have a friend who has always been interested in native plants that are edible, he’ll be getting fat while the rest of us whither away.

Nanook, on one hand I understand the worry, especially if one has a family to take care of, but there is definitely the smell of panic in the air.

Nanook said...

Here's some food for thought (ha, ha)... Eddie, who has been employed by the West Village Gristedes for 30 years (“half my lifetime”), recalled his past encounters with New Yorkers panic-shopping for groceries. He’s seen shelf-stable items, like beans, fly from the store in a similar fashion (“It’s spaghetti sauce, toilet paper, water, paper towels, rice, beans,” he said, ticking them off from memory") in advance of snowstorms, and especially during the blackout that befell downtown Manhattan in 2012 at the peak of Hurricane Sandy. But panic-buying then was “not this bad—Sandy would come in second, and snowstorms would come in last.”

I'm sorry - it's far too easy for folks to become idiots.

Sunday Night said...

For those of us who are fans of the little wire garden barriers, pic 2 is fantastic. Poor things always get battered no matter where they are. Also looks like some kind of temporary sign stuck in the bottom planter to the left. Wonder what it says? The mind reels.

Melissa said...

All this talk of toilet papering houses made me go back and watch the Nonkees' 1997 reunion special. Ends with an epic TP of the Pad.

"Lou and Sue" said...

:) I just ran to Walgreen's to pick up an item (no, not toilet paper) and they had one lonely banana left. Yes, I bought it. But I hesitated at first because I wondered why everyone else left it behind?!?!

Saturday Night: I have to laugh when I look at that 'little wire garden barrier' fence. Our family lived in a '2-flat' in Chicago with my grandparents, in the 1960's, and my grandparents had a rather rotund dachshund ("Toby") that would often get stuck in our backyard 'little wire garden barrier' fence - similar to the one pictured, but the openings were a little bigger. My dad was the only one who could free [mean, snapping, rotund] Toby every time she was stupid enough to try to go through that fencing.