Sunday, March 01, 2020

Mark Twain, May 1961

As "Snoozer Sunday" photos go, this first one isn't too shabby! It's just that it's one of so SO many Mark Twain pictures. So many. Even so, I envy all of the people on board that steamboat, from a time before Major Pepperidge was on this planet.

There it goes, chuffety-chuff - it just passed the Plantation House, and a Keelboat is lurking nearby, having already partially activated its cloaking device.


Nanook said...

The Mark Twain is still lovely. (I want to dine at the Plantation House).

Thanks, Major.

JC Shannon said...

It's hard to believe there was a time pre-Pepperidge. I am older than the Major. How old you ask? Let's just say I missed the Norman Conquest and the Battle of Hastings by a few years. All is well at the river and Camelot was just beginning in the White House. Good times, indeed. Thanks Major.

Andrew said...

My mind is wandering on this sleepy Sunday, so I have to ask: why is there a gorilla, and why doesn't it blog? Is there a reason, or is it just pure zaniness? Am I attempting to illegally break the third wall in asking this?? Maybe some things are simply meant to stay a mystery...

Anyway, nice Twain pictures!

Chuck said...

I think we may have the rarest of the rare here - a glimpse of the corner of the Frontierland bathroom structure (today's Frontierland/NOS Station's freight house). Look behind the umbrella at the extreme left of the first photo and you can see a corner of the building.

I always suspected Mike Fink and the Romulans had some sort of technology exchange program going on.

zach said...

I see the periscope of the 'Submarine to TSI' attraction that was never opened. Early tests made the periscope look like a bird. You probably thought it was a duck.

I have enjoyed every photo of the Mark Twain ever. There are probably a couple of angles we haven't seen yet.

Chuck, I'm glad the bathroom is there. I seem to use them more now since I may be older than JC and the Major.

Thanks, Major P.


K. Martinez said...

I don't care how many Mark Twain pics you've shared here on GDB. I love 'em all! Thanks, Major.

stu29573 said...

Fun Fact! The Mark Twain regulary fed on smaller water craft. The keel boat was in mortal danger at this moment! The river had already been cleared of dingys and misc sail boats. The canoes were much too fast to catch, of course, and the rafts were a bit chewy. However, those keel boats? Goooood eatin'!

Melissa said...

I love the smiling older couple in the front of the Twain - the lady in the pink/red dress and the gentleman to her left. They just look like they're having a great time. Possibly they're Walt's age or older, and have their own fond childhood memories of the turn of the last century.

Sunday Night said...

Last time I rode the Twain most people ran upstairs. I stayed downstairs and practically had the entire lower deck to myself. I had a nice time checking out the steam engine and walking through the deserted "middle" section where they filmed part of Disneyland After Dark.

Major Pepperidge said...

Nanook, for sure, if I could go back in time, I’d love to relax at the Plantation House!

Jonathan, the important thing is that we are young at heart! The Battle of Hastings - several times I’ve received $10.66 in change, and when I say, “Battle of Hastings!” I get weird looks. I can’t imagine why.

Andrew, the blog’s name is just dumb. Really dumb! That’s all there is to it, no mystery. I thought I would post a few times and then return to my home planet, but things turned out differently.

Chuck, well I’m always glad to see a bathroom (sometimes really glad), but it’s hard to get very excited about that sliver of a corner of a building! Mike Fink WAS a Romulan! (Doesn’t that sound like something one of those “funny” pinback buttons from the 70’s might say?).

dzacher, if I’m not mistaken, I see the distinctive wake of a torpedo heading right toward the Mark Twain’s hull. Or maybe it’s just a duck. I’m glad you like pix of the Mark Twain, because I sometimes get jaded!

K. Martinez, what about pictures of the castle? Or the fa├žade of “It’s a Small World”? Or the Matterhorn? I hope you love those too!

stu29573, I like the idea of the Mark Twain devouring helpless smaller craft. The thing does look like a weird skeleton after all. Now I know why they removed the Keel Boats, it was too expensive to keep replacing them every two weeks or so.

Melissa, I can’t tell if the lady is wearing a babushka, or if that’s just her hair. I’m voting babushka! I have pictures of my grandparents riding in carts pulled by ponies when they were kids, and yet they lived to see us land on the Moon!

Sunday Night, I admit that I am one of those people who automatically runs to the top level. You sound like a more level-headed fellow, it would be pretty sweet to feel like I had a whole deck to myself. Can you see the steam engine very well? I’ve actually never even looked!

"Lou and Sue" said...

Am very late to the party, but must say that the ‘more boring’ the pictures - the funnier the comments. No snoozers here . . . only lots of laughs, as always!

Thanks, Major!